Day 90

Almost three months and 1/4 of my journey done.

Acetone level

Today was higher than yesterday, still green but 6 flashes.

Weigh-in  today not only had I lost weight but then some.

So, we started at 217 pounds and have dropped 1 pound in 10 days and consumed and extra 3520 calories over maintenance for that period of time . . So there is a 2 pound difference. I should have been 218 pounds but I’m down to 216 pounds.

Today’s a non workout day and I didn’t go for a walk, this afternoon Kauri has to take grandma out again for another pointless doctor’s appointment so I’ll ride the stationary bike while they are gone.


Sausages, and omelette ( Thai style-).

Morning snack 

Chia pudding


Pork belly, roast chicken, cabbage stir fried with bacon.


Roast chicken, broccoli fried in bacon fat, I also had some walnuts and finished the night with some keto friendly jellies.

Macros shown below

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