Day 88

I must admit I’ll be glad when this month is finished so I no longer have to look at the scales.

Good morning, by the way.

Today my weight is back up to 216.8. So, we’ve stayed at this weight, gone down and back up again over the past 10 days.

Again not a fan of the scale.

Acetone readings today are low green with 3 flashes.

Training /chest

Bench press, 5 warm up sets, 3 working sets

Incline press, 3 working sets

D,ips 4 sets to failure

Dumbbell pullovers,  4 sets same weight 8-10

Decline bench press, 2-3 sets

Today’s workout was great. I improved on a few reps.

A recap when doing reverse pyramid 3 sets 4-6, reduce the weight by 10%. Second set 6-8, reduce weight by 10% and last set 10-12 reps.

When you reach the maximum reps per set you go up to the next weight if a dumbbell or the next poundage if a pin loaded machine or plate size.


Thai omelette, asparagus wrapped in bacon and cherry tomatoes.

This was finished off with a bullet style decaf.

1253 calories.

Movie day

Today is movie day as we were away last week.

Today I’ve packed pork belly, walnuts and some cream.

The cream will be for after the movie I’ll buy an Americano and add cream. ( Don’t know if it’s offensive to Americans we either have white or black coffee. I’ve never thought it was racist.)

The movies done. We saw ‘Life.’

Jury is out on this one but it’s time to be with Kauri and that’s what matters most. To me that’s life.

Sipping coffee with cream I must admit I’m lucky have a great woman that supports me. I always mention Kauri but my life before her was crap. I’m grateful to have this incredible woman in my life. Life’s not perfect but it’s a lot easier having someone that supports, loves and respects you.

We’ve gone for dinner 5 minutes from home. The restaurant looks thai style but the service is crap. I will address this tomorrow. As we got home  later than expected and I have a few things I need to sort our tonight.

I ended up having deep fried sea bass I added extra salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Macros for the day





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