Day 86

Damn, I feel old!

I woke up this morning and my hips feel tight and my knees are sore. This is crazy. I’ve never felt like an old man before. (I could have made this into a joke as I prefer woman.) Ha! It’s the Deadpool in me .

Today’s leg workout will be postponed till further notice. Please make your way to the exits on the left and have a nice day.

I’ll change today to a rest day. I chould have changed today to the next workout but being Sunday. I coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn’t.

So inline with  today’s theme I didn’t even do my weight training today but I did do the Ketonix.

Green with 7 flashes today so my report card was 33% with the remarks ‘Could have tried harder’ with a big F on the top. F for fantastic!

So we can see how today’s post is going to be .. off the rails.  It’s a mad house. Save yourself, woman and children first!!! This ships sinking fast!

With my non-workout done it’s time for breakfast. What do super heroes eat when they’ve done sweet FA ? I hear you as yourself .. bacon of course, ’cause everything’s better with bacon and a cloud of scrambled eggs gently caressing the crispy greasy bacon.


Now that’s a love story. Pass me the tissues someone ..I’m tearing up!

OK, im going to be serious for a moment.

Now for some big news. Music maestro.. da da da da da da da daaaaaa.

Im going to be an Admin .. Yep your heard right. I’ve decided to use my powers for good instead of evil.

While Kauri and I still have 2 groups I have loosened the reigns. Kauri does i-Stayfit whch is her baby and I’ve added another person as admin for my men’s group. It’s a small group but if it helps guys then I want to keep it open.

This group is large well known and I personally support them 100% . I’ve been given the opportunity to become part of something bigger to help and assist. So I’ve been reading up the past few days getting my keto on.

Everyone’s journey is different but at least we can assist and help or steer in the right direction if needed.

Morning snack

I need to fuel this kind of crazy so I’m going for what’s behind door number 1 ..

Passionfruit panna cotta is displayed as I hear oohs and aahhs from the audience or maybe that’s in my head.

They taste divine, seriously decadent.

 Lunch time

Green curry with chicken.

Bringing this over to the table it’s still bubbling like a witch’s cauldron.


Tasted fantastic.

This afternoon I had another panna cotta, and a couple of jellies. ( I haven’t had jellies in a while.)

I have a confession I also fell asleep on Kauri’s lap for a while. See I’m getting old even had a nana nap.


Roast chicken, green salad with blue cheese dressing, olive oil and some pistachio nuts. I finished off with one small fat bomb.






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  1. Than bacon and egg story though… lol. I am so happy you have decided to join us in ATK, we are lucky to have you 💕 Oh and that curry and passion fruit dessert look to DIE FOR! I need some different flavors in my life.

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