Day 85

Morning, another day another blog post.

Today I feel my age. I’ve never had sore hips before. After walking all yesterday I’m sore. I need shoes with better support. Otherwise, guess who’s getting a walker for their 50th. Even better I want a motorised scooter. And get on the road sitting on 5 miles per hour. Yep, I’ll be that guy.


Green / 4 flashes


216.2 pounds, slightly down from yesterday. In the past week I’m almost down 1 pound but I’ve consumed 415 extra calories a day and my activity level has not changed. If we go by the magic 3000 calories above maintenance I should have gained 1 pound, not lost weight.

Training : shoulders 

Shoulder press 4-5 warm up sets increasing weight then  3 working sets

Front raise rotation/ steering wheel. This goes by many names. 4 sets same weight

Side laterals 4 sets increasing in weight one drop set 7 reps, keep decreasing weight

Shrugs I incorporate this for both back and shoulders

Face pulls 4 sets same weight


We’ve gone for the staple Jalapeño popper cups. I also had a decaf with 2 tablespoons of butter and coconut oil.


I’ve got some things changing next month so this morning I added an admin in my men’s group to free me up a little. (It’s a small group and that’s the way ah ha ah ha I like it.)

Morning snack 

Chia pudding. We did a mix of cream /coconut cream and it turned out well.


Lunch was simple today a shake and a platter of salami, olives and cheese.

200 g almond milk, 40 grams of spinach, 1 scoop of protein powder.

Never a dull moment. I was saying before about Grandma that what ever she wants everyone does. Well today is another fine example of stupid is as stupid does. Grandma got the maid to dig up the ginger in the garden. And the maid is in such a hurry she never looks .. Well, there are raised water pipes that are plastic so put two and two together and yep she cracked the main water pipe and of course it’s around 5 pm on a Saturday in Thailand.

So Greg to the rescue again.

Luckily we had some old extensions I kept. And some glue so crisis averted. No thanks no nothing from Grandma .


Pork belly, cabbage fried in pork fat.

And we are done for the day .







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