Day 84

Good morning peeps.

Acetone levels were low, green 1 flash.

My weight was down almost half pound. I weighed in at 216.4 this morning. What’s interesting is I didnt go for my walk yesterday.  I should have been heavier.( My weight’s about 2-2.2 pounds lighter after a walk.) Saying this, depending on how hydrated you are makes a big difference to the results.

It’s time for a walk. Nigella, you remember Mark? Well, he’s like big foot, sighted so many times but no photo. Next time I’ll take the elusive photo of him.

I passed Mark four times today (four times round the complex) and no phone to snap a photo.

Just to prove a point I also did a weigh in after my walk. I was almost 2 pounds lighter.



Today was waffle day with cream/protein filling. I also did a double decaf today as we were going out this morning.
                                              Mid morning snack 

Today was a nice surprise we had morning tea at a floating coffee shop. We had been here about 4 years ago. Man, has it got busy. When we were their last time it was like a ghost town.

Morning tea was coffee. I bought thickened cream to add I also brought salami. There’s no need to miss out eating keto while you go out. Where we can we always plan. I also had almonds. We take our back pack with us. Always it’s known as the ” survival pack.”

To head back we have to pass our go-to restaurant for lunch. So guess where we are stopping off to have lunch lol.


I forgot Friday, bloody tourists ..

So we will sit at the other side with the locals, no disrespect but it gets so noisy. We’ve ordered the usual, curry with prawns, pork belly, and stir fried morning glory.

I’ve left the pork to bring back for dinner. I  had the greens (morning glory), grèen curry with prawns (this is very thick so full of coconut cream.) The morning glory was the most veggies I’ve eaten but plenty of fibre.

We are still reluctly heading back home and decided to drop into the mall. Kauri grabs a coffee and I work on writing this blog for a bit. With a little bit of shopping including grocery shopping we decide it’s time to head back.

Sorry back track grocery shopping.

This is where we get our pork belly,  grabbed some bacon, and a couple bottles of coconut cream. (It’s liquid here.)


The pork belly from lunch heated in the air fryer with some cooked cabbage. (This was cooked in bacon fat and butter added.)

A great finish to a perfect day .

Night everyone.

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  1. Sounds like such a nice day! I would love to experience coffee on a boat. How fun… and yes we need pictures. Btw I have officially gone to the decaf side starting today, I hope I can manage my headaches!

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