Day 83

                                                 Groundhog Day 

Good morning everyone. Another perfect day in Thailand.

Nature calls so I’m off to the bathroom to do a number 2. Even doing high fat I’m fairly regular. Remember our carbs should consist of veggies high in fibre. Your bowels will thank you.


My weight this morning was the same again so we’ve hit 4 days in a row 216.8 pounds. (Remember I’m still doing a surplus every day.)


Acetone readings were lower this morning. Green with 3 flashes. It doesn’t concern me. I think this is as inaccurate as a pee strip.

No training today but I will go for a walk later in the day.


Scrambled eggs, asparagus wrapped in bacon and bullet style decaf.

All up 880 calories.

Morning snack was 2 panna cotta desserts from our recipes. You really need to try these ..


Pork belly and large salad.

Lettuce, cabbage, coconut oil, blue cheese dressing, chilli flakes and eggs.

 Macros to this point

Calories: 2043

Protein 99.3

Fats: 175.8

Carbs: 11.3

This afternoon was spent reading and doing some research for next month.


Roast chicken (120g), broccolini cooked in bacon fat. I also had 1/2 chia pudding and some pistachios.

I’m a little short of fat so I’ll finish with 2 fat bombs.

 That’s it folks .. Night.

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