Day 82

Good morning everybody.

Another beautiful morning in Thailand.

Lets get this morning a rockin’ .

Acetone levels green / 5 flashes.

My body weight has not changed in the past 3 days (even with a surplus.)

Though saying that my throat was so dry the past two days and I did drink a lot before I weighed in. On the plus side this morning my muscles are tighter and more fuller.

Today is my last workout of my training week, biceps and triceps.

With biceps Nigella, the weight as it goes down should be a count on 3-4 slowly lowering it feeling the weight. Coming back up a one count.

So 3-1 with 3 was lowering, 1 raising.

You can also pause at the bottom so we have 3-1-1.

(Middle number is the pause.)

Seated  incline arm curls 4 warm up sets 3 working sets.

Overhead tricep extension using 25 kg plate, 5 sets 12-15 reps (1 minute rest between sets.)

Barbell curl 3 sets 6-8 reps

Tricep extensions  4 sets 8 reps

Reverse Barbell curl 3-4 sets 8 reps

Wrist curls  4 sets 12 reps


Thai omelette (3 eggs, 100 g egg white, prawns, chilli and basil) bacon and bullet coffee.



Calories: 1075

Protein: 68.9

Fats: 86.6

Carbs: 2.4

This morning I spent time on Facebook and getting to know some people.

Morning snack

1 panna cotta and 1 chia pudding.


Tuna salad. Lettuce red cabbage, olives, olive oil, one cherry tomato, blue cheese dressing.

I never liked salads but they are centainly enjoyable now I do keto.

I’m sitting at 2428 calories so far.


Stir fry chicken with eggplants, ginger and chilli. I also finished off with some walnuts.

And that’s all folks

5 calories over for the day ..


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