Day 81

Good morning everybody.


Ketonix green / 8 flashes.

Body weight  216.8. The same as yesterday.

Weight training – Chest

Bench press

Incline press


Decline bench press

Dumbell pullovers

Great workout, a few improvements on last week duration around 1 hour 20 minutes.


Keto waffles (whipping cream/protein powder filling), bacon and decaf with 1 butter, 1 coconut oil, 1 gelatin.





We need to go shopping and grab some staples.

Bacon, butter, eggs, cream and olives. We also  picked up some greens along the way lettuce, celery, cauliflower, spinach and cabbage.

It’s almost lunchtime

Spinach shake with almond milk, olive oil, protein powder, ice and spinach. I also had 50 g of salami.

Macros thus far 233o.


Tonight was tinned tuna, 160g and a large garden salad with some olive oil and blue cheese dressing,  adding pistachio nuts and 2 small fat bombs.







3 thoughts on “Day 81”

  1. I love that you include your workouts. I just signed up at Planet Fitness (they just opened down the street, yay!) so now I’ll be scrolling sown and getting some ideas for my workouts because I have to go in prepared! Thank you for the motivation <33333

    1. Excellent I’ll make sure I give some options in the workouts for you .
      If anything remember that their are 2 parts to anxercise and the negative should be slow .usually 1 -3 count depending on exercise say for example bench press . A 3 count to lower and push back up in a 1 count .

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