Day 80

I feel a bit more motivated to write today .. Yesterday sucked.


Acetone level  green /3 flashes.

Weight  216.8. 

Now this is interesting. My weight is dropping the past few days yet my calories is still in surplus of my maintenance calories of 2991 (an extra 300 calories each day) and yesterday I was supposed to train but I decided to have a rest day. Again everyone is different and therefore the results differ.


Chin -up

One-arm row

Inverted Row


Lat Pulldowns

Straight arm pulldown


Bacon, asparagus, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce (egg yolk, lemon juice, butter and cayenne pepper.)

The usual drama this week, Kauri’s taking Miss Daisy out today and Thursday.


140 g of roast chicken and salad salad (lettuce, cabbage, carrot, cucumber blue cheese dressing, olive oil. )

Afternoon snack

Protein shake–protein powder, nut butter, almond milk and chocolate flavoured stevia drops.

Macros so far 

2505 calories.

Protein 16%, fat 82% net carbs 2%


Roast chicken, broccoli , coconut soup and walnuts.







2 thoughts on “Day 80”

  1. I need a lesson on how you poach your eggs so beautifully… BTW I have never had hollandaise 😮 Your skills are inspiring me to have a go at making it for myself. (Did that sound aussie? lol)

    1. Thankyou Michelle . I can’t take the credit on the sauce that was kauri . But I did the rest and the plating

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