Day 78

Unpleasantaries first.
Acetone reading green with 8 flashes.
My weight is virtually the same as yesterday, 215.8 pounds.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ve pinched a nerve in my neck and I tossed and turned all night.

Bacon, eggs, coffee with butter and I had some broccoli with ham and cheese.
Macros for breakfast:
Protein: 73.6
Fats: 97.3
Carbs: 4.1
Calories: 1198

10 AM checkout done.

Time to get a lift to the car park via our golf cart driver (Speedy Gonzales ) and we’re heading home.

Home to grandma’s house. Home where happiness comes to die a painful death. Oh the joy of it all! I get Kauri to ring her mum so she doesn’t ring us while driving.

We always get so lovely comments from Nigella so we’ve decided to stop off at a tourist market. Thai people always pick up specialty foods to take back to Bangkok. Thai baked custards, dried fish, sticky rice cooked in bamboo.

This town is famous for kao neow ( sticky rice) cooked in bamboo. It’s called “Kao Larm”
Every stall is the same, same products and it goes on for miles .

The  photo below  is the carbie crap. Squid flavour snacks ( Oh you know you want them😋) This bag was massive, Chuppa Chup on steroids as displayed by Kauri, Thai custards and palm nectar.

Hope you enjoyed the detour, Nigella. We usually drive past and I’ve never stopped and looked before but we thought you might like to see what’s on offer. Needless to say, we had no interest in the products ..
We’re two hours into the drive and my two favourite landmarks are coming up.
The three headed elephant Erawan  (taken from the freeway, bar the last photo.)

The massive three headed elephant made of bronze weighs 250 tons, is 29 metres high, 39 metres long and stands on a 15 meter high pedestal.

The three headed elephant is of Buddhist/Hindu origin (Airavata or Erawan). The symbol was used in the Kingdom of Laos flag. The three heads of the elephant came to represent each of the former small kingdoms of the Kingdom of Laos: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Xieng Khouang.

The three heads represent three major Gods in Hindu mythology. BRAHMA, VISHNU AND MAHESH. Brahma is the CREATOR, Vishnu is the KEEPER and Mahesh is the DESTROYER.


Rama 9 Bridge.

So a sad story about this bridge .
Rama 9 bridge was built in honor of the late king (King Bhumibol Adulyadej.) It was the king’s wish to preside over the official opening ceremony of the bridge. Due to health issues at the time king was unable to travel and he recently passed on. The bridge is in use but never was officially opened.

Traffic has come to a screaming halt. There should be a welcome sign.
It’s a 3-lane road but people in this country drive down the breakdown lanes, trucks included.. (the sign in Thai saying it’s illegal to drive in the breakdown lane obviously has no effect. Stop the road blocks during peak hour traffic and book these bastards.)
So when there’s an accident and lanes have to merge it’s pure chaos.

The photos to the left of us and right are both breakdown lanes… (apparently Thai friendly lanes for the

Buckle up.. We have sped up to 15 km/h … I spoke too soon. It’s like a dance .. more of a break dance .. brake, brake accelerate. And repeat and stop.

The past 1/2 hour besides writing, not much has happened.
And I can’t play I spy with my little eye something beginning with ..
as we’ve used up road, car, truck, idiot driver, bitumen, and going nowhere fast ..

The other reason for the bank up is road toll. It’s poorly signed and the past 2 times I’ve seen people get in the easy pass by mistake and have to back out. And wammo! Traffic comes to a halt.

This tanker just passed us and is full of glue. I feel a Deadpool joke coming on.

What do you get when a tanker filled with glue has an accident?

One hell of a sticky situation ? .. 🙂  Or even …. stuck in traffic. Boom …. I’m here all week ….

Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how little value is put on lives here. There is no such thing as occupational health and safety in Thailand. We are 10 minutes from home and I took a snap of this motorbike rider .. and this is the norm.

Yep, he cut through and squeezed in between the two cars …

We are almost home, just pulling in the complex and would  you believe it …..Grandma just rang to check up on us … Arrrggghh so it begins!

Lunch was around 1:30 pm.

One jalapeño egg popper, salad with blue cheese dressing and olive oil and one protein shake with spinach and coconut oil.

Calories at this stage 2502 ..


Roast chicken, sautéed spinach in butter and avocado.

Total calories for the day:

3304 (13 over.)






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