Day 75 and 76

Today I am giving a Read One Get One Free day. (See always something new😁) Two days for the price of one.

Day 75

Road trip!

We have to had off for a few days, unplanned but that’s life. We have packed a few goodies for the trip so we still plan where we can.

The trips about 3 hours so I won’t train this morning but I will use the gym at the hotel. Actually I should post some workouts using bodyweight only for people on the road.

We’ve made sure we booked a self-serviced apartment so we will cook our meals except for breakfast ..

We are now on week three of this challange.

My weight has increased everyday the past week except for today.


Daily chore.

Acetone level was green / 5 flashes

Weight was down almost 1 pound


Bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese biscuit and bullet style coffee.

Its now 10 AM. Car’s packed. We have jalapeno egg poppers, chia pudding and bullet coffee for the road. We have roast chicken, coconut oil, macadamias, protein powder and eggs.

I wrote so much today but it didn’t save so I’m pissed, really pissed. For the 4-5 people that take time to read this I’m sorry. It’s gone and there’s no way of getting back what I wrote.

Im going to try to remember what I wrote yesterday and add it now.

It’s 10 :30 AM and we’ve all ready hit heavy traffic (and passed one road block along the way.) I don’t miss driving anymore. I’m more than happy to sit back and enjoy the ride. Although I do want to get a motorbike.

And before you say midlife crisis, it’s not at all. My priorities have changed it’s no longer about prioritising my business. This stage of my life is about Kauri and myself. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I wanted it to have meaning and a connection to my journey. I know one will be to do with Thailand and will be on my right  forearm or bicep.


We are in the town of  Chonburi. And there’s a story about this town so I would love to share it with you. I love culture and people so without further ado.

Grab a blankie (blanket) and some tissues. Sit down and relax as uncle Deadpool tells you a story ..a Thai love story ‘a tragedy and a tear jerker’.

Long time ago, in a province far far away..

There was a young man called Saen. He was the son of the village chief. One day Saen was out flying a kite when a wind gust suddenly broke the string on his kite and it flew off. Saem followed his kite and when it finally landed it was in a village on the steps of a little run down hut. Nothing in life happens by chance and this hut there lived a beautiful young woman call Sam Muk. There was an instant attraction. (fatal attraction) They fell in love and made a promise to one other that their love would be everlasting.

Saen’s father (the village chief) was not a happy camper about this relationship and arranged for Saen to marry a woman with the same social status.

On  the day of Saen’s wedding, Sam Muk turned up and so distraught that she ran off to a cliff high above the village and jumped off to her untimely death. Saen remembered the promise he.made and became consumed with guilt and couldn’t live with himself so he also threw himself off the cliff to his death.

To this day at the base of the cliff if you listen carefully you will hear Sam Muk crying.  Her spirit still lingers and the villagers built a shrine for her and name that cliff Sam Muk Hill and the village was named after Saen. And so we have Saen’s village (Bang Saen in Thai) and Sam Muk Hill (Khao Sam Muk) standing next to each other to honor the everlasting love of this unfortunate couple.


There been a major accident in town. Wreckage everywhere. (Coke bottles down.)

It’s almost lunch time and we have an hour before check in so we will go to a restaurant in the mountain. We’ve been here before.

We’ve ordered coconut soup with seafood. ( Funny, there were 2 prawns, 1 calamari, and heaps of mushrooms), mackerel cutlet, prawns with black pepper and stir fried morning glory.


We decided to have some fun plating the prawns.

We’ve arrived and time to check in then hit the gym.

Biceps and triceps today

Seated bicep dumbbell curls

Tricep pushdowns

Cable curls using tricep bar

Overhead tricep extension

Triple 7s for bicep

Skull crushers.


I thought doing this challange was a great idea to show another perspective. In hindsight, all it did was add pounds and make me hate my body even more. I never wanted this to be a “fit to fat to fit ” challange and it’s starting to look like that.Theres no way in hell im going to let my waist get to 48 inches or gaining 72 pounds.

I seem to be able to help others achieve their goals but I can’t even achieve what I set out to do this year and inadvertently sabotaged my own goals and for what? Entertainment.

What have I learnt from my experiment ?

I learnt nothing concrete doing this challange. I still gained weight and I knew I would. If anything depending on how fast or slow an individuals metabolic rate will coincide with how fast or slow their weight increases consuming excess calories. This is also influenced by what type of macro nutrient (protein fats carbs.)

It’s not just about excess calories.

In two weeks of this experiment I consumed an extra 24,248 calories.

Again going on the assumption for every 3000 calories above maintanence you gain one pound, I should have been just over 8 pounds heavier.

So, 220 pounds.. I gained 4.2 pounds.

I learnt that it has applications in both weight loss, reversing diabetes but can also be used in fitness applications and also weight gain for hard gainers.

Ive recalculated my macros and I’m dropping them to just over 3000. I will do the body fat calculations tomorrow when I get back.


Day 76

A new day a new beginning.

I didn’t sleep well. I had a headache most the night. Luckily it didn’t progress to a migraine. I don’t think I’ve had a full on migraine since keto. .

For those who don’t get them, thank your lucky stars.

My jaw aches like a tooth ach but every tooth. I get a throbbing stabbing pain behind my eyes and I feel like I’m going to throw up and usually do .. not to mention sensitivity to light and noise. And once it hits I have to ride it out. Nothing helps. It can be brought on by stress, food colouring or yesterday it was a chlorine smell in the gym ..

Today my acetone reading was low level mid range.

My weight was 218. (Yes, I brought everything except the kitchen sink😏) I know it’s a different surface so measurement results vary.


Just because breakfast is complementary doesn’t mean you have to eat it. So many carbs on display, bread, pastries, juices, pastas, rices, etc.

Breakfast was early this morning as Kauri had to go out.

8 slices of bacon, 6 eggs and 2 small coffees each with 2 butters. The look on people’s faces as I drop the butters into the cup is priceless.

Gym time

This area is not great for walking so I’ve decided to do an hour on the tread mill. I now know how a hamster feels. I also used the stairs rather than escalator .. make the most of what we have.

4.7 miles today.

Morning snack

Salami and a bullet style coffee. This time using coconut oil, no butter.


2 jalepino popper cups

Afternoon snack

Chia pudding is made and chilling in the fridge.


My specialty garlic prawns, and chicken in coconut soup.

What can I say, we have great skills in the kitchen ..

I’m happy with my calculations, just above maintenance.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Night everyone.

2 thoughts on “Day 75 and 76”

  1. What a sad but cool story… I love traveling via your blog 🙂 great pictures :))))
    Migraines are the worst!!! I was barfing yesterday morning because I had a headache for a couple days and it turned into a migraine :'( luckily throwing up makes me feel better 🙂
    Are you ready for his challenge to be over yet?

    1. Thankyou ,and yes throwing up is a relief which sounds weird for those who don’t experience the love of a migraine .
      Yes Iv decided to terminate the challange. No for the results but I just wasn’t happy in myself . Even peopl with good body’s can b self loathing I’m in that category .. I can’t look at myself ..and I don’t like what I see..
      I’ve packed on size but it would have been better slowly .. I’ll get to that in my blog

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