Day 73

I’ve made an executive decision. Day 14 will be my last day of my 4670 calories challenge then I’m going to turn it on its head and do the inverse 1800+ 500 for exercise. So 2300 calories.

Well that idea just went out the window.

The voices inside my head (Me,vMyself and I) just had a meeting and I’ve been outvoted 2:1.  I’m doing this till the end of the month. Somehow I think the vote was rigged.

Wednesday we have to head to the east coast for 2 days on business ..

Shot Gun ..

Santa’s sack will be full of keto goodies to take along the way. I might have to label the foods for who’s been naughty and nice …

I  also might get creative and make a playlist from the dead pool movie. Soundtrack

Track listing
No. Title Performed by Length
1. “Angel of the Morning” Juice Newton 4:12
2. “Maximum Effort” 2:08
3. “Small Disruption” 1:12
4. “Shoop” Salt-N-Pepa 4:08
5. “Twelve Bullets” 2:50
6. “Man in a Red Suit” 2:20
7. “Liam Neeson Nightmares” 1:56
8. “Calendar Girl” (1999 Remastered Version) Neil Sedaka 2:37
9. “The Punch Bowl” 5:55
10. “Back to Life” 2:12
11. “Every Time I See Her” 0:54
12. “Deadpool Rap” TeamHeadKick 3:25
13. “Easy Angel” 2:31
14. “Scrap Yard” 1:02
15. “This Place Looks Sanitary” 6:50
16. “Watership Down” 4:10
17. “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” (Radio Edit) DMX 3:37
18. “Going Commando” 3:46
19. “Let’s Try to Kill Each Other” 1:00
20. “Stupider When You Say It” 2:24
21. “Four or Five Moments” 0:54
22. “A Face I Would Sit On” 3:07
23. “Careless Whisper” George Michael 5:02
24. “Mr. Sandman” The Chordettes 2:23
Total length: 1:08:12
Who would not want to go on this car ride …

( Like seriously, how can you not have seen this movie !!!)

A slight detour but this is what happens when you visit crazy town.

Acetone readings were up today. Green with 8 flashes.( There should be a joke about blowing into this device everyday for at least 20 seconds and no flowers no chocolates.)

My weight was up 0.2 pounds today I’ve hit 217 pounds. The past two days I’ve felt fat. Seriously, body issues can effect anybody. Just because someone has a six pack and muscles doesn’t mean they aren’t self conscious.)

I no longer feel like a super hero I feel like a bloated, fat and unloved. I found a picture of how I see myself.

Now before I get abused about fat shaming. This is my blog and I’m telling you how I feel and how I see myself.

I have great friends that are overweight. I also have two lovely sisters that are overweight, and most most family on my mums side were the same. I see people for the inner beauty. I’ve never been judgmental but if you’re going to act like a total ass to someone, then that’s who you are. It has no bearing on what you look like.

I read an interesting post today from a fitness professional in the industry. It was a case of reverse body shaming for someone that had spent years training to compete in body building contests. This guy heard the two larger ladies discuss how gross he looked and to prance around like a peacock and he had dealt with that type of crap a lot. Isn’t it funny if it was the other way around there would be an uproar.

I’m all for people bettering themselves. I’m not racist, judgmental, homophobic or whatever else get passed around these days. I’m a human being and treat everyone else the same. I believe it’s your actions that define you not how you look.

The other day I posted what I thought was a dig at McDonald’s and such a clever play on words.

At no point did I see this as “Fat shaming.” I’d never heard the term till yesterday. It comes down to the food choices and it’s these choices that are killing us.

As I said earlier, two of my sisters are large. My mum was also large and on the diet merry-go-round. I’m not defending what I posted but if anything, my sisters would have posted this to me we’d have a laugh at the wordplay. People need to lighten up .. Get rid of the personal insecurities.



I remember sending a video to a couple of friends in various keto groups. The guy was a larger gentleman and a labourer and started stripping and dancing, even did some pole dancing. This guy was brilliant, so talented and had the moves. Like seriously, I watched it several times it was brilliant. I saw it as a guy that was confident and no ashamed of his body. A brilliant ad.

Take it away Colin.

Wow, 2 detours in one day.

Where was I?

Today’s breakfast was pancakes, avocado, bacon and I had made some cream to use as a filling and a bullet style decaf.


Protein: 60

Fats: 126.4

Net carbs: 8.7

Calories 1414

Morning snack

Chia pudding and 4 fat bombs

Afternoon snack

Salami and cheese

Calories at this stage of the game 3257

Protein: 92.4

Fats: 371

Net carbs: 13.8


Roast chicken, Chinese broccoli cooked in bacon fat, macadamia nuts and I finished off with a protein shake.

Calories 4677













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