Day 72

Good morning everyone.

Day 12 of my challenge.

Acetone levels were green with 8 flashes low level / high range. It’s up, its down like a yo-yo.

Unlike a yo-yo, my weight is up slightly this morning 216.8. I’ve gained 4 pounds in 12 days consuming an extra 20,784 calories. (My weight gain should have been 6.928 pounds or 219.7 pounds.)

Leg day

In a word, shite. Today’s workout was shite with a side serving of shite.

Squats.. Shite

Leg extensions  4 sets x 20 reps

Calf raise 4 sets x 20 reps

Leg curl 5sets x 12 reps

Deadlifts ( heavy ) 5 sets 3-6 reps

I didn’t feel the love today at all.

Breakfast today was ham, avocado, cheese biscuits (our recipe) and scrambled eggs. Washed down with a bullet style decaf .

The meal in total came to around 1400 calories, decaf included.

My morning snack  was a  shake–spinach, coconut oil, almond milk, protein powder. (You can also add some cinnamon.)

I also had 25g of macadamias and 4 mini fat bombs.

Macros so far

Protein: 91.2

Fats: 253.7

Net carbs: 19.6

Calories: 2674

This afternoon I spent watching the TV series ” Sons of Anarchy” with Kauri ..

My afternoon meal was 150 g of pork belly, and another bullet decaf.

Dinner tonight was roast chicken, green curry and green beans cooked in butter.

My totals for the day;

Calories 4778



Another day done.




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