Day 71

Well, that’s a first !

I’ve never had  keto in my dreams ever. Well, last night I was dreaming how far would I let the weight increase till I pull the plug. So obviously deep down in my subconscious I’ve been thinking about the weight gain. Crazy .. Up till now ( 7 months of keto not a thing.)

My acetone levels were green with 3 flashes. So, low range.

My weight today was identical to yesterday at 216.2 pounds.

So far on my journey I’ve consumed an extra 17, 340 calories. (I was mentioning before about the theory of every 3000 calories you gain a pound.) I’m not far off it now. Going on that theory I should be 5.78 pounds heavier than when I started this journey (212.8+ 5.78= 218.58.) I’m 2.38 pounds below that figure at the moment.

So much for mental clarity. I  alsmost forgot to add the workout below.

Shoulders today. I love working them but mine are stubborn.

Shoulder press: reverse pyramid 5 warn up sets then 3 reverse

Front lateral raise: 4 sets 8 reps on the negative slowly down 3 count (Remember there are two parts to a movement: it should be controlled on the negative part of the repetition.)

Side lateral raise: 2 sets 50 reps

Upright row: 4 sets 8 reps

Military dumbel press: 3 sets 6-8 reps (heavy)

Bent over rear lateral raise: 4 sets 10-12 reps

Face pulls on cables: 4 sets  12 reps


Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs (3 eggs), 120g of bacon, avocado, cheese biscuits and a bullet style decaf.


Protein: 56.4

Fats: 137.5

Net carbs: 7.9

Calories: 1502

I feel good. Workout and my first meals were both execellent.

I don’t know what happened to my ab reminder yesterday. It went missing in action. So I better do it now. 8 minutes of love ..

It was great doing abs. Kauri decided to do them as well. We were trying to make each other laugh Kauri did ” the robot.” Game over!

Morning snack was my go to chia pudding, 2 ingredients so easy to make and keto friendly.

I haven’t really addressed this so much but eating when you have no appetite is the worst and that was the beauty of a keto diet. The fats keep you fuller for longer and supress the appetite. And gradually you have a longer gap between meals and progress into fasting.

So this month having to force food when you have no appetite sucks and this challange isn’t even double my calories. God help me if I tried  5880 calories (double my maintenance.)

Lunch today was 120g of roast chicken, green curry, macadamias and 4 small fat bombs.

Macros are at 3620. Only 1050 to go.

Dinner tonight was 150g of pork belly, asparagus cooked in bacon fat, lettuce.

Macros for the day








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