Day 70

Good morning lovely people .

My second non training day but I’ll still head off for my walk around 7 am.

But before I do I’ll get the unpleasantaries over and done with.

Acetone reading Green with 5 flashes.

Today is the first time I feel heavier, almost bloated. I did have a bit of cream yesterday. Maybe eating the cream had a bit to do with how I feel. Usually I’d use coconut cream but the calories are higher.

Today’s reading even caught me by surprise. Yesterday when we were out we did a bit of walking. Yesterday if anything I was expecting my weight to drop by 0.5-1 pound .

Drum roll…..

I’ve jumped 1.6 pounds. Holy shit Batman !! And nothing was left to chance yesterday. I even brought the kitchen scales to weigh my food when we went out last night.

It goes to show you can do everything by the book and your body throws you a curve ball. Yesterday I would have Burnt 600 calories walking 12,000 steps on average.

So if you go on calories in VS calories out, my expenditure was more yesterday I should not have gained weight.

I’ve returned from my hour walk today, another 8441 step at 4.53 miles.

I just want to add one thing. I’m fully prepared and accept what happens this month. Weight gain, fat gain, love handles. I came into this with no expectations and embrace it for the purspose of education entertainment  and to show that everyone reacts differently.

Time for Breakfast.

We had pancakes this morning but made them as waffles today as the question poped up yesterday. I also added 60 g of thickened cream and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder to make a custard filling. We also had bacon and avocado. The meal also included bullet style decaf.


Protein: 54.8

Fats: 139.4

Net carbs: 9.4

Calories: 1518

Morning snack was 2 plain fat bombs and 25 g of macadamia nuts.

Lunch today was not the norm.

Roast pork belly and Chinese brocolli for lunch .. The one thing I’m most greatful for is the pork belly is a fatty cut of meat.


Macro at this point

Protein: 141.9

Fats: 295.8

Net carbs: 17

Calories: 3316

Dinner tonight wasn’t what I originally thought of but I had green curry with prawns, macadamia nuts and some fat bombs.

Macros for the day;

Calories: 4698

Protein: 199g ( 17%)

Fats: 422.4 g ( 81%)

NEt carbs: 28.7 (2%)

That’s all she wrote .. Night everyone.





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