Day 69

Good morning everybody.

Let’s get this day up and running.

The Ketonix had a major ” hissy fit” today. My Acetone reading was green 1 flash. My reading has never been so low (except when it failed.) So I’m giving it time out in the naughty corner.

My weight was up this morning to 214.6 pounds. ( I will be so glad when this month is over just because of the daily measurements on the scales.)

It’s time to go for my hourly  walk. It gives me time to think about my day and also reflect. I love seeing the sunrise first thing.  Four laps later and 4.71 miles I’m done as measured by the Garmin .. ( We use kilometres in Australia so it’s 7.58 k.)

So for a bit of fun I’ve done another weigh in. (Not really fun, it does your head in. (Michelle that’s 4/4, Ka-pow !)

My weight is down to 212.6 so I’m lighter than when I started on the 1st.  (Again, easy to manipulate results.)

Time for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and a bullet decaf. I did add cream and protein between the pancakes and 1 tbsp of butter was added between them.

This would be a complete day for some people

Protein: 70.6

fat: 187.5

Net carbs: 9

Calories: 1999

Another weigh in after breakfast. (For a guy who hates weigh ins, he does a lot of them😜)

I’m back up to 214.6.

Morning snack is a protein shake. It’s become my go to meal. 40 g of spinach, 200 g of almond milk, 60 g of coconut oil. Today and 60 g of cream and ice. Usually I don’t add cream and have only 30 g of coconut oil but we are going out soon ..

Movie day/ date night.

Last week we didn’t go as nothing was showing. Today will be Kong, Skull Island.

My staples are backed 70 g of salami chips, 50 g of macadamia nuts and a bullet style cocoa. I never leave things to chance to get tempted when at the movies. I am no longer seduced with the popcorn, coke or the ice creams ..

Yes, there is a shit load of calories I’m going to consume but I have no issue with macros. The movie starts in 20 minutes and my macros once I come out of the theatre for the day will be;

Calories: 4389

Fats : 424 ( 82%)

Protein: 136.2

Net carbs: 18.7

So it leaves me with under 300 calories when we get home. Keto should not be stressful. Don’t forget my goal is specific this month and not for weight loss. It’s purely reaching the goal of 4670 calories or over but staying within the standard keto percentages.

Kong Skull Island was better than I thought. But it’s more about getting out of the house and spending quality time with someone you care about.

We’ve decided to have dinner at the restaurant under the bridge.

Most of the food will be taken back for us to eat tomorrow. The usual pork leg, green curry with prawns today, green veggies. Beer for kauri and water and ice for me.

120g of roast pork, 80 g of morning glory and water. I actually brought the scales with me so I wouldn’t have to guess the weight.

I’m done for the day. Nice to sit back with my partner in crime and watch the world go by.

Macros done;

Protein: 179.9

Fats: 435

Net carbs: 20.8

Calories: 4678



Have a great night everyone.









2 thoughts on “Day 69”

  1. Perfect little snack for the movies 😉 lol
    You have a little less that 3 weeks to go! If it’s anything like the last challenge it will be over before you know it! 🙂

    1. It’s a nice feeling not to be tempted by popcorn, Coke or the likes. Yes the week and for that matter this year already seem to be going faster .

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