Day 68

First week done.

Ketonix acetone reading is green with 8 flashes. It’s playing hard ball at the moment and doesn’t want to give me orange.

Time to crunch some numbers on the week that was.

My weight I am expecting to go up again this morning by around another o.4  pounds.

WTF !!!!!

The o.4 pound I gained yesterday I have lost today.

The week in review

I’ve gained 1.2 pound over the duration of a week.

I’ve consumed an extra 12,124 calories above maintenance. Going on the perceived notion that for every 3000 calories you gain 1 pound I should be 216.8 pounds.

And as we can see by the chart, weight loss is not linear. It goes up it goes down. (how many times have I said this in a post?)


                                                  Body fat 

My body fat is lower. Again I did mention there is some variation but I’ve tried to be as accurate as we can. Kauri and I did measure each body site 3 times (7 points of measurement.)

Body fat 


Measurements for 2017 so far 


I haven’t added the date on today’s measurements as this is my monthly report but I wanted to compare for my first weeks results (the last 2 rows, 5 and 6.)

My body fat is down from 10.2 – 9.56%. My lean body weight has gone up 2.45 pounds. My body fat weight has dropped 1.25. Muscle gain 2.45 pounds and fat loss 0.36 pound.

My average fat consumption was 426.81 g or 3,841 calories per day this week.

My average daily protein consumption was 186.68 g or 746.74 calories

My average carbs per day were 24.9 g or 99.6 calories

Averaging 4687 calories per day

It certainly is interesting at this stage of the game.


Today is my last workout for my working week (Sat-Wed.)

Arm workout (Biceps, triceps and for arms.)

Standing bicep curl using Olympic bar.

Seated overhead tricep extension (using dumbbell.)

Incline alternating dumbbell curl ( can be straight or twisting motion.)

Skull crushers (I used dumbbells today and twisting motion.)

Reverse barbell curls (Olympic bar)

Wrist curls ( Olympic bar)

Another great workout today around 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Keto waffles (our recipe with a filling of thickened cream and vanilla protein powder), 120g of bacon and a bullet style decaf.


Protein: 53.9

Fats: 102.5

Net carbs: 6.6

Calories: 1186

Today’s morning snack was a protein shake consisting of almond milk, protein powder and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I also had 2 plain chocolate fat bombs.


Lunch was a tuna salad.  140g of tuna, lettuce, blue cheese dressing, lime, olive oil, rocket, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and 2 boiled eggs. I’ve also added a double bullet coffee, 2 tablespoons of cream and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

We are now at 2749 calories for the day.


Protein: 127

Fats: 243.8

Net carbs: 13.9

Wouldn’t you know it, reminder goes off for my ab workout. I’ve just eaten so I’ll wait around 40 minutes to an hour.

I’ve just snuck in a chia pudding for good measure. These things are so good .

8 minute abs now done.

Dinner Tonight was a big meal. Roast chicken, around 180g, eggplant stir fried with ginger and spices. I also had macadamia nuts and 2 fat bombs to get me across the line.

Protein: 177.6

Fats: 431.6

Net carbs: 22.9

Calories: 4675
















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  1. I need to jump on making this breakfast for myself now that I’m allowing a little bit of dairy every now and then. I’ve been good and stopped eating so much cheese. That first week when I lost control really did my head in.

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