Day 67

Day 7 of this calorie challenge.

I did say at the beginning I predict my weight will go up. This is based on my experience with what my body does also if I gained weight at maintenance then surely I will gain weight doing this challenge. I’m not saying that calories in VS calories out is correct ( as it isn’t.)  I’m just stating for the record my metabolism has changed at the age of 49 and also my goals which I mentioned are to gain muscle mass, around 5-7 pounds while remaining under 10% for November.

My weight today has gone up.

So I’m up another 0.4 of a pound. It’s really no issue. What happens happens. So 1.6 pounds from the 1st of the month.

Time to go lift something.

Todays workout is chest

Bench press

Incline press

Dumbell pullovers

Decline flyes


Great workout around 1 Hour 20 minutes. Still longer than I wanted.

I also did a weigh in for comparison.

Down 0.6 pound from this morning.


Again, just to show how weight can vary and also showing why I don’t use scales. I do drink plenty of water when I train as I’m outside and it’s 30 degrees. But again, I could easily manipulate this, be dehydrated and give misleading results.


Bacon, scrambled eggs, keto pancakes and bullet style decaf.


Protein: 65.2

Fats: 120.5

Net carbs: 7.5

Calories: 1375


I saw a interesting comment on a group about Jason Whittrock.

“Yea, I think it’s interesting when some people on YT on keto tout eating TONS of calories but they also spend like 3 hours a day in the gym. :P”

I’m doing this to show adversity as well. What works for an individual may not give you the same results. This brings me to another topic about YouTube and misleading information. I feel a rant coming on.

There is so much misleading information on YouTube– Training advice, diet advice you name it. Some information is downright dangerous by so called experts. Don’t get me wrong. There are some great people on YouTube: Michelle Rock, Ketobetic Aline, Ruled me, just to name a few. These  guys were the three amigos that were my go to when I started my journey and not related to my story in anyway .

When I first started keto and was reading everything I could. I went searching on the net and YouTube for recipes. Last year I didn’t have Facebook account (a long time ago it got hacked so I never used social media again.)  I would Google search and look on YouTube.

But I digress. Anyway, as a newbie I typed in keto friendly repices and started looking and basically taking the word of who ever posted a video on keto as being correct .

I saw a fantastic idea for a dessert when I first started keto. Jello mousse on YouTube. I thought what a great idea. Jello pudding mix and cream. So simple. Zero sugar. Again this was when I first started I had no idea what keto was about.

Even yesterday I looked up so many Keto Jello friendly desserts ..

I’m sorry to say Jello is in no way keto friendly. Let’s look at the packet.

So we have modified corn starch, as well as corn. It can be derived from wheat, potatoes, and may have maltodextrin. Then we have maltodextrin itself. This is sneaking up everywhere as a filler even in protein powders, soy lectin and aspartame (which can give side effects) and contains soy. So to say this is keto friendly is crap.

Use chia seeds, cocoa and cream .. a far better option.

I’ve learned to read the labels. While it may not effect everyone, some ingredients can also cause some to stall and give reactions. I’m sorry but to have something just because it fits your calories is rubbish, especially for diabetics doing keto.

I came across another post in another group yesterday;


Again, we have malitol, soybean oil, soy leictin, maltodextrin. Not to mention it says “contains milk and soy. ”

My passion is about helping others, educating where I can and at least showing where to look and being careful with certain ingredients. Highly processed oils and foods are not good for anybody. It’s the same with sweeteners. Some may have adverse reactions where others people don’t . It’s about making people aware. Sadly when people do respond with why something’s not ideal it opens up a can of worms and becomes a total s*** fight ..

OK, rant over …

Time for a morning snack.

I’ve gone with my spinach shake, 25 g of macadamia nuts and 2 fat bombs.

So far our macros

Protein: 95

Fats: 193

Net carbs: 12.6

Calories: 2158

Lunch was a chia pudding today. 125g of coconut cream and 1 tbsp of chia seeds left overnight. I also finished off with pork rinds.

We are now at 3049  calories .

Going outside to grab some sunshine for 15 minutes.

The rest of the afternoon Kauri ran grandma around and I was doing some interesting research on the mind of a champion bodybuilder 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. And how he used his mind to push past the pain barrier and obstacles. He came across living in England. Actually very interesting person ..


Dinner tonight was roast chicken 180g, bok choi, around 110g cooked in bacon fat and 1 tablespoon of butter added on top. I also had 25 g of macadamia nuts and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with a squeeze of lime.

At this stage 514 calories. I’m short at 4156 calories. I will have a protein shake at 7 pm to fill the void.

Macros and calories

Calories: 4700

Protein: 176

Fats: 438

Net carbs: 20.7



So that’s today done. Seven days completed. One week down.

I just want to take the time again to thank Keto Kop. I don’t know all the answers, far from it but I appreciate her help and guidance and taking the time teaching me along the way. Not only are you a wealth of knowledge but a great friend. Thank you mate x














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  1. Those treats are “cringy”. I admit I eat jello on occasion. I need to make my own, I HATE how food coloring is pot into everything. Ugh. I really want to make some pudding with heavy cream and chia seeds though :))))) yummy!

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