Day 66

Good morning everyone. Day 6 of the 4670 calorie challenge.

It seems like I’m mirroring Jason’s results but a day behind as I do this month’s challenge. Today is my second day of weight gain. Today’s weight is as follows;

My weight gain is up 1.2 pounds from my starting weight of 212.8 pounds and Jason and I are very much on par at the same stage. It will be interesting if I drop 1 pound tomorrow like Jason did (but I seriously doubt it.)

My energy levels are through the roof: mental clarity is great. My workouts have been excellent.

My acetone levels were Green with 7 flashes.

Today is my +1 workout. (This is the specific back workout that I added to my training schedule.)

My workout is done and dusted. Every exercise was 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions. And a 2 minute break between sets.

One arm rows

Inverted rows

Chin ups


Reverse good mornings using cable

Straight arm pulldown

I mentioned the other day about weighing yourself on the scales and how it fluctuates up and down depending on so many factors.  So after my workout I decided to do another weigh in. It would be easy to manipulate this experiment but that’s not what I’m about.


If I was doing cardio my weight would be even less. So for any newbies reading, I can’t stress this enough. Don’t be fixated on scales. It really  does your head in. (Michelle, that’s 3 days in a row now that I’ve used that saying impressive …lol)

Again, I saw this today. I read a post a lady who usually doesn’t weigh herself was in a shopping centre and weighted herself and she wasn’t happy with the results and tried another 3 scales. In the end she got depressed ate Pizza. I’ve said this from Day 1 of my keto journey about fixation on scales and I would hate to think how many times I have seen this happen since I’ve been doing keto. I so wish this was an isolated case but unfortunately it’s not.

It’s just after 9 AM and we are working on breakfast.

120g of bacon, 50g of avocado and Thai omelette (2 eggs) cooked in 2 tablespoons of bacon fat, (usually we use coconut oil but instead used the rendered fat from the bacon) and finished off with a double decaf bullet style coffee ..

Breakfast was a little light on calories– at 1039. Usually I’m between 1200-1500 calories by this stage.

Protein: 38.5

Fats: 96.7

Net carbs: 1.1

We’ve just had the courier arrive with 10 litres of cold pressed coconut oil. This stuff is amazing.

This morning I’ve been answering posts, and getting to know a few like minded people and it’s time for a mid morning snack .

I’ll make a smoothie. Almond milk, spinach, protein powder, coconut oil and I’ll add some coconut cream. I will also have 25 g of macadamia nuts.

My calories so far are 1716

Protein: 68.4

Fats: 157.8

Net carbs :7

Just over 1/3 of the calories for today I feel full at the moment.

Yesteday was a struggle to get the last of the fats in, which surprised me after starting off so well. Imagine telling a non keto person I consumable almost 1/2 a kilo of fats a day … ‘You crazy bastard’,  might be the first thing that comes to mind.

Almost lunch time and I’m not hungry but I have to eat to reach my calories. Lunch will be barbecued chicken with rocket salad with blue cheese dressing and olive oil.  I will also have  4 fat bombs and 20g of macadamia nuts.

I’ve consumed the following macros so far;

Protein: 95.4

Fats: 264.9

Net carbs: 1 3

Calories: 2796

Under 2000 to go. .

It’s after 3 PM so I’m going to sit outside get 15 minutes of vitamin D and have a chia pudding. Multitasking at its best .. You’ve heard of 50 shades of grey, well,  I don’t brown it’s more like 50 shades of white . 🙂

I’ve had my reminder go off. Time to do an ab workout. 8 minutes ) I really like the app, very easy to do .

Dinner tonight will be pork belly. Love the stuff. It ended up being around 175 g.  We will have red cabbage, bacon all cooked in a blanket of butter.

Macros for the day;

Calories: 4675

Protein: 168.3 (14%)

Fats: 434.7 ( 84%)

Net carbs: 20.6 (2%)

Another great day.

What’s very  interesting is the fact that on maintenance caloriesof 2938 for the first 2 months,  I still gained weight. Yet I’m 1600 calories in surplus every day yet I’ve gained a minimal amount .. crazy ..

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Night everyone.






















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