Day 65

Only 300 days of posting to go. Time certainly flies.

This is the 5th day of my keto monthly challenge.

So, let’s get on with it.

The dreaded Ketonix: Green with 8 flashes– low level high range, up from yesterday.

My weight today was up slightly from my original weight of 212.8.

What’s interesting is I compared Jason’s Reading on day 5. He was at 150 pounds, up 1.8 pounds from day 1. My gain is only 0.4 of a pound on the 5th day. To be fair, my calories aren’t double. Saying that, I don’t believe Jasons were either as he doesn’t track macros.

This morning I still feel lean. My visits to the bathroom have not changed. I’m regular and my bowel movements are neither constipated nor loose. The first day I was a little loose and I know consuming coconut oil. MCT oils can give tummy problems. I’m relieved considering how much fat and oil I’m consuming.

Time for a break from writing this. It’s Leg day …

Leg workout is done, just over 1 hour and 15 minutes and it was as good as a leg workout can be.

Box squats 5 warm up sets + 4 working sets (heavy today)

Deadlifts 3 warm up sets + 5 sets

Leg extensions 4 sets 20 reps hold the last rep 5-10 seconds

Leg curls4 sets 20 reps

Seated calf raises 5 sets 25 reps

Energy level was great.

Time for breakfast

Cheese biscuits (from our recipe), bacon, avocado, and scrambled eggs  and one bullet decaf.



Protein: 60

Fats: 130

Net carbs: 9.8

Calories: 1465

The avocado rose is definitely the star of the dish …

Morning snack was 4 fat bombs mixed with macadamia nuts. With this I’m just over 2000 calories. Nuts and chocolate fat bombs are a match made in heaven.

Yesterday I rejoined a keto group. It was actually like catching up with some great friends and wow, this group has grown. So today in between writing and posting and answering questions I didn’t get much done.


I won’t lie I’m not a huge salad eater but I did enjoy the salad I made today.

One tin of tuna, one tablespoon blue cheese dressing, one tablespoon of olive oil and combine. Add pinch of salt, pepper and a sprinkle of chilli and a dash of lime. Add cherry tomatoes cut in quarters, lettuce finely chopped and red cabbage. Again combine throughly.


We also added a boiled egg and I finished lunch with 15 g macadamias and a bullet decaf.

Macros so far;


Protein: 99.7

Fats: 252

Net carbs: 17.4

The net carbs are a little higher than I wanted at this stage but even though I want to keep around 30 my allowance is 50 based on macros. 1950 calories remaining .

My afternoon snack I had a protein shake consisting of almond milk, spinach, 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 scoop of protein powder.

Most of the afternoon was spent doing some research for an article I want to do and also catching up with a couple of friends online.

Dinner tonight was pork belly, cabbage cooked in butter with salt and pepper and some bacon fat added for flavour.

We also had some green curry with fish balls (these are made with ground up fish and have no flour unlike the Chinese version.) some pistachio nuts and finished off with a chocolate mousse.

My macros for the day

Protein: 182.6 (16%)

Fats: 427.7 (81%)

Net carbs: 30.5 (2%)

Calories: 3672 .


I would have liked my net carbs under 25, but today I used coconut cream instead of normal cream as we were out. My net carbs are still under my allowance but I’ll make sure we stock up tomorrow when we go out shopping. That concludes today’s entry.








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