Day 64

I’m hitting the weights today. The release of endorphins, the pump, the pleasure the pain. You just can’t buy that kind of love. (Not that I’ve ever been into any of those kind of establishments so I wouldn’t know.  Just speculation  🙂 )

The Ketonix did it again made me second guess. I’m green with 4 flashes. I even went back on my previous food logs for the past week. Everything is the same, even the potassium, magnesium and salt levels.. I know for peace of mind I should buy a ketone blood tester. But my budget is tight. Another expense I can’t really afford at the moment and I know I’m in ketosis.

The start of day 4 . I woke up early again around 5 am. It’s now 6:20 as I’m typing this and the birds are starting.

As with most mornings, my day starts with a decaf. Just plain and just a few sips. The rest is reheated to make the bullet style coffee with breakfast. Coffee also is a great pre workout drink.

I will do my weigh-in soon and before I do my shoulder workout .

This will do your head in and really contradicts calories in vs calories out.

Going on the theory for every 3000 calories over maintenance you gain 1 pound. I should be 1.5 pounds heavier so far as I’ve consumed 5196 extra calories over these past few days.

I started this experiment at 212.8 so I should be 214.3 pounds.

This mornings weight 213.0 , So the same weight. ( 0.2 is nothing. )



Funny how my BMI is overweight as well at  10% body fat. (Such an outdated processs.)

Today’s shoulder workout was excellent.

Standing shoulder press; 5 warm up sets increasing in weight, then reverse pyramid 3 sets 4-6,6-8,8-10 reps.

Lateral side raise-reverse pyramid (4 sets)

Incline rear lateral raise- same weight 8 reps (4 sets)

Upright rows – reverse pyramid 4 sets (wide grip – shoulder width)

and I added dumbbell presses to finish (heavy 3 sets )

My energy levels were great. Today’s workout was with heavier weights doing lower reps and this  will be the course of action with each workout this week.

I forgot to add that Phil my squirrel turned up during training and was a slight distraction. He actually came up to my foot and Kauri and I got some great photos..

Breafast was pancakes with cream and a side of bacon with a bullet style coffee.


Protein 55.6

Fats 127.5

Net carbs 8.9

Calories 1434

Morning snack was one chia pudding and two fat bombs.

Lunch consisted of roast chicken and a large salad, lettuce, eggs, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, salt pepper and some olive oil.

I also had both magnesium tablets.

Calories are 2666 at this stage of the day.

Protein: 102.9

Fats: 239

Net carbs: 17.2

I ended up doing one more exercise on my shoulders today while Kauri ran errands and I finished with 4 sets of face pulls ..

My afternoon snack was a shake almond milk, spinach, coconut oil, ice and protein powder. I also had 25 g of almonds ..

We are now at 3222 Calories

Protein: 128.5

Fats: 289

Net carbs: 21.6

1448 calories remaining.

Although it’s quiet hot, I’ll sneak outside and try to get 10-15 minutes of sun that way I get my vitamin D for the day.

My final meal of the night 150 g of pork belly, 100g of brocolini cooked in butter. I’ll finish if with some macadamia nuts.


Protein 189.2 (16%)

Fats 419.8 ( 82%)

Net carbs 28.7 (2%)

Calories 4677.

Years of doing macros so I should be on the money.


Night everyone.








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