Day 63

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)

I really hate the Ketonix. It does my head in, Michelle. It’s my equivalent of the scales for others. It makes me second guess what I do every time I blow in it.  Today my acetone level was back to Green with 5 flashes. (I’m sorry I have to agree with Jason Wittrock: this thing is rubbish.) I come close to throwing this expensively piece of junk against the wall many times.

Usually today is my “do sweet FA day.” I’ve decided to go for a walk as Kauri has some erands to run this morning. I’ve done 4 Laps around the complex 4.4 miles ( just over 7 kilometres.)  It was a nice stroll ,felt effortless. Maybe all the extra oil has been lubricating my joints .. lol

I weighed myself when I got back and my weight is 212.4 pounds today. (Again this will vary.) I did actually measure my waist and it’s still 33 inches.

Today I was hungry and due to Fridays mad house. (Everyone’s home on Friday.) I had a quick meal.

A shake made with almond milk, spinach, coconut oil, 2 tbs of thicken cream, protein powder, collagen, ice. I also had three Jalapeño egg popper cups and 25 g of macadamia nuts.


1253 calories

Protein 64

Fat 108

Net carbs 6.1

We are off to a great start.

Morning snack

I’ve gone with my favourite chia pudding and I’ve snuck in two fat bombs just for good measure. I’m going to top it off with a bullet decaf. I don’t like consuming my calories in the form of drinks but sometimes I have to do what’s convenient …

So far my calories for the day are;


Fats 222(85%)

Protein 74.3 (13%)

Net carbs : 9.4(2%)

We are almost at the half way point with our calories. I feel fine. My stomach isn’t bloated. It’s flat.

Lunch was actually a lunch today not a typical snack.

Roast chicken, salad (lettuce, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, a few strands of carrot, egg and blue cheese dressing) I also had 2 pana cottas .

Protein 60

Fat 64

Net carbs 8.4

Calories 858

So far 3181 calories.

It’s just after 3 pm, time for a snack. I’m going to have 25 g of macadamia nuts and four fat bombs (these are small.)  These two ingredients work so well. Together are fantastic.

Calories so far 3650, 1020 remaining  for the day.

Dinner tonight was pork belly 150g, asparagus 40g, cauliflower 80g, I also had pistachio nuts to top up.

So macros for the day;

Calories 4673, so 3 over

Protein 197.4 (17%)

Fat 420g (81 %)

Net carbs 26.7 (2%)









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