Day 62

Good morning lovely people.

This morning I again woke up at 5 am and my mental clarity was fantastic. Well, that’s the answer I got when I asked myself the question this morning  🙂

Acetone levels were again orange. So mid level but low range but I’m happy, confused but happy. This Ketonix really does my head in (Michelle.)

I hate scales. I don’t use them and they vary, in my case around 4 pounds a day. Meals, hydration levels, bathroom breaks and time of day. People get so fixated on what the readings show. I only ever use them to calculate my macros and up to now checked my weight once a month.

So, moment of truth ….

Today I was 212.9. I must admit my ditigtal scales are not the greatest but they do the job.

I’ m going on my walk today. While I do this Kauri decided to go to the local market (still no avocado but she did get some fresh English spinach and some lovely greens.)

I walked for an hour, a total of 6 kilometres. It ended up being three laps around the back streets. To prove a point, I’ve just walked upstairs, got on the scales, my weight now showing 211 a drop of 2 pounds. This is why I don’t rely on them .. but for this month we will still do a weigh in every morning.

I’ve been pondering what to have for breakfast today and I’ve decided to make a smoothie first up and see how I feel after that.

I started  with almond milk, spinach (1 cup), coconut oil, gelatine and vanilla protein powder. For diabetics stick clear of whey protein. It does spike insulin. I also added ice then blended. I felt good so proceeded to make breakfast.

Scrambled eggs and bacon. Followed by a bullet style decaf coffee.

Protein: 71.6

Fats: 130.9

Net carbs: 7.6

Calories: 1500

Surprisingly, the meal was quit light and I finished with one magnesium tablet.

I must admit I went over Jason’s second day just to compare foods and give me some ideas. But I’m not sponsored by Myoplex so that sucks

Emails, face book, Instagram done.

Its now 11:30 and I’m going to have three jalapeños egg poppers. ( This is a recipe, one of my favourite all time recipes.) and I posted the link way back when I started my posts.

The three poppers had the following macros

Protein: 30

Fats: 57

Net carbs: 1.5

Calories :645

So far 2142 calories.

We’ve decided to get out of the house. Grandma’s in her typical mood at the moment. It’s movie day but there’s nothing on. Regardless we will go looking for the elusive avocados today.

So far with snacks my  macros are now:


81% fat , 17% protein , 2% net carbs, 1746 to go .

We now have avocados. A little more expensive than the local markets but it’s one thing I require. I never used to like avocados. Now I love these little green guys. A sprinkle of salt, lime and a pinch of chilli powder and I’m ready to go.

Back from shopping. Time for a snack;  one chia pudding (these are made the night before.) 125 g of cream and 1 tbsp of chia seeds and leave in the fridge  ( We added a few drops of Sweet Leaf chocolate flavour.) The time is now 3 pm.

My calories to this point are 3520; 1150 to go. Today has certainly been a lot easier than yesterday.

I read an interesting article today that I thought very relevant to what I’m doing, so I’ve added the link below.

Getting close to my last meal of the day. This will be pork belly, around 165g, bok choi cooked in bacon fat. That leaves me just under 200 calories short of my target. So I’ll finish off with  two; full cream fat bombs.

Maacros for today;

Calories 4692

protein 186.3 (16%)

fats 429.2 ( 83%)

Net carbs 15.1 (1%)

Yesterday I mentioned I wanted my protein around the 188 g so I was within my typical value. (I might drop it slightly. We will see.)

I’m happy with the outcome of  Day 2 on this challenge. Yesterday I felt like my stomach was going to explode from the extra calories.  Today a  few of my calories did come from liquids but I don’t feel bloated or stuffed at the moment.


Night people.










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  1. I really liked that article and the comparison. It REALLY DOES matter where the calories come from. Enjoying your blog AS USUAL 🙂 hahahahahahah soooo stealing that phrase. I haven’t been able to use it yet lol

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