Day 61

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. ( Kauri hates this as I always get her in the morning. Sometimes I even waited until  12:01 am  just to get Kauri …)

Morning lovely people. Another day and another month, and another challenge.

Today it begins 4670 calories for one month. Why do I do this to myself?

Protein 17%

Fat 79%

Carbs 4%

Calories 4760

It’s 6 AM and time to check acetone levels. Today was orange reading with 5 flashes. So mid range and mid level. This is crazy. I did nothing differently yesterday. I haven’t had mid level readings since the second week and then not since the Ketonix failed.

I’m thinking how will I approach the massive amount of calories I’m about to ingest today.

Cheese and butter may come into play if required. So I’ll start with a bullet coffee, fully loaded.

So let’s attack this Jason Wittrock style.

I will weigh every day at 7 am. (I hate scales but for this month only I will do it.)

Today’s weight 212.8.

We’ve just come back from a walk around the complex. Two laps for me so that’s taken care of an hour .. A great start to the morning considering today is a non workout day (except for ab training.) I’m going to add cable crunches after ab workout as well.

Breakfast, well more correctly, my first meal usually around 10 am.

Two pancakes with 1 tbsp of butter on top, bacon, macadamia nuts, bullet style coffee (decaf), 2 tbs coconut oil and butter.

Protein: 40.9

Fats: 115.4

Net carbs: 6.2

Calories: 1216

Off to a great start.

I’ve also taken 1 magnesium tablet (200mg.)

Time to go do a top up of the staples, bacon, eggs, cream, butter, cream cheese and I grabbed some almond milk.

Lunch will consist of almond milk, protein powder, oil x2.  I also had 50 g of salami and 25 grams of pork rinds.

Protein: 48.9

Fats: 63.5

Net carbs: 2.5

Calories: 771

At the moment we are at 1988 calories, 18% protein, 2% carbs and 80% fat, under 1/2 my daily requirements.

It’s now 2 hours later and I’m going to raid the fridge for something to eat. Appetite from 1-10, with 10 being hungry and 1 being full, at the moment I’m a 2.

I’ve had one chia pudding and 2 jalapeño egg popper cups. It’s now 2:31 PM. I’m now sitting at 2849 calories, only 1821 to go …lol So far 260 g of fat and 115 g of protein.

I’ve just eaten two panna cotta we made. That’s now upped the calories to 3129. I still have 1600 calories to go and this is Day one and push-ups ..

Have you ever tried doing a sit up challenge when you stomach feels full ? Lol

We decided to have dinner early around 5 pm.

Dinner was a bit of everything. Roast chicken, cauliflower with bacon bits and cheese melted. I even had hazelnuts and two boiled eggs and my second magnesium tablet.

At 6:30 I will have a bullet decafe and a couple of fat bombs.

The first day is always the worst. The dairy free challenge was the same. Now I have a better idea of where I need to increase or decrease .. but I did it .. First day over and yes I feel full .. having to force yourself to eat when your not hungry goes against every principle.

I ended up being 5 calories over for the day. That ended up being 4675 calories.

Protein 206 ( 17%) I want to drop this down. It’s still under 20% but I want it around 180 max.  I don’t want to exceeed 1 g per pound of lean body mass.

Fats 417 ( 80%)

And net carbs 32 g (3% ) Well under the 50 g limit I set myself.

Day one officially over.

It will be interesting to see how we do with the scales and acetone readings in the morning.

Good night everyone.













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  1. 😁 I’m a lover of pinch and punch for the first day of the month.. It annoys the crap out of my partner.. Good night from Melbourne

  2. I’m full just reading this. I wonder if the percentages make all the difference especially when consuming so many calories. I remember Jason saying something regarding that.

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