Day 90

Almost three months and 1/4 of my journey done.

Acetone level

Today was higher than yesterday, still green but 6 flashes.

Weigh-in  today not only had I lost weight but then some.

So, we started at 217 pounds and have dropped 1 pound in 10 days and consumed and extra 3520 calories over maintenance for that period of time . . So there is a 2 pound difference. I should have been 218 pounds but I’m down to 216 pounds.

Today’s a non workout day and I didn’t go for a walk, this afternoon Kauri has to take grandma out again for another pointless doctor’s appointment so I’ll ride the stationary bike while they are gone.


Sausages, and omelette ( Thai style-).

Morning snack 

Chia pudding


Pork belly, roast chicken, cabbage stir fried with bacon.


Roast chicken, broccoli fried in bacon fat, I also had some walnuts and finished the night with some keto friendly jellies.

Macros shown below

Day 89

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep the past week or maybe it’s the inner demons but I just don’t feel the love today. I just want to pull the blanket over my head, grab my little pony and disappear for a moment in time.

I’m not bipolar. I’m a straight heterosexual male. ( Ha! Still crazy funny, emphasis on crazy.)

I’m going to lay down on the couch while you take notes.

It started way back when I was a young boy, I can see it so clearly now.What triggered these feelings emotions .? It was….

Saved by the bell my 1/2 hour session is over ( lol)

I really don’t feel like writing much today. But I know a few do read it so I’ll persevere. I ever since we came back from our trip down south my sleeping pattern has been switched to restless that it’s ever been great.

Want to start with where I ended off yesterday.

The restaurant.

One thing I do not like about a lot of restaurants in Thailand is how lazy many of the staff are. Most workers are employed from either  Burma or Laos. Yesterday when went for dinner there was another couple at the restaurant. The staff consisted of two waitresses and two cooks, two of the owners and a pizza guy.

The soccer was on in the background and the staff seemed more interested  in the game than the customers.  As a rule Thais are patient but I’m not Thai. I’m more patient than most but to a point.

We were sat down at our table, were given the menus and ordered the food. But once the food is delivered that’s where the service ends. The waitress that served us spent more time sitting on her ass watching the soccer and got up on occasion to feed her face. At no time did she come over ask if we needed another drink or something else from the menu.

Even the owner was more interested in the plant placement.  Three staff just sat there watching rather than serve customers.

I couldn’t get out quick enough. I even had to wait 10 minutes for the bill trying to get a staff members attention was terrible. We had been here before pre keto as it is close to home. This is the last time and that’s a shame the food is very good.

Unfortunately, this is common place. Poor service seems to be more and more normal these days and the staff are often more interested being on their phones than servicing customers. And that applies to the shopping centre as well.


This morning my acetone levels were low, green with 2 flashes.

My weight was up 217.2 (this one’s weird almost 1 pound up) but I’ll check my stats at the end of the month.

And my care factor 0.

Training today was on the door gym.

this is now the second time using it and the main reason today I just didn’t want to feed the mosquitos outside.

Standing one-arm bicep curls

Reverse tricep kickback

Tricep rope pushdowns

Barbel curl

Overhead tricep cable extension

45 seconds – 1 minute rest between sets

Biceps actually make up 2/3 of your arm size so 3 exercises on triceps


Waffles, cream / protein powder and bullet decaf,

Morning snack

Chia pudding


Pork belly, stir fried greens

Afternoon meal

Panna cotta x 2


Fried fish with salad and one baby bel cheese














Day 88

I must admit I’ll be glad when this month is finished so I no longer have to look at the scales.

Good morning, by the way.

Today my weight is back up to 216.8. So, we’ve stayed at this weight, gone down and back up again over the past 10 days.

Again not a fan of the scale.

Acetone readings today are low green with 3 flashes.

Training /chest

Bench press, 5 warm up sets, 3 working sets

Incline press, 3 working sets

D,ips 4 sets to failure

Dumbbell pullovers,  4 sets same weight 8-10

Decline bench press, 2-3 sets

Today’s workout was great. I improved on a few reps.

A recap when doing reverse pyramid 3 sets 4-6, reduce the weight by 10%. Second set 6-8, reduce weight by 10% and last set 10-12 reps.

When you reach the maximum reps per set you go up to the next weight if a dumbbell or the next poundage if a pin loaded machine or plate size.


Thai omelette, asparagus wrapped in bacon and cherry tomatoes.

This was finished off with a bullet style decaf.

1253 calories.

Movie day

Today is movie day as we were away last week.

Today I’ve packed pork belly, walnuts and some cream.

The cream will be for after the movie I’ll buy an Americano and add cream. ( Don’t know if it’s offensive to Americans we either have white or black coffee. I’ve never thought it was racist.)

The movies done. We saw ‘Life.’

Jury is out on this one but it’s time to be with Kauri and that’s what matters most. To me that’s life.

Sipping coffee with cream I must admit I’m lucky have a great woman that supports me. I always mention Kauri but my life before her was crap. I’m grateful to have this incredible woman in my life. Life’s not perfect but it’s a lot easier having someone that supports, loves and respects you.

We’ve gone for dinner 5 minutes from home. The restaurant looks thai style but the service is crap. I will address this tomorrow. As we got home  later than expected and I have a few things I need to sort our tonight.

I ended up having deep fried sea bass I added extra salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Macros for the day





Day 87

It’s raining men hallelujah…

Last night around 9:30 a tropical storm hit and it’s been pouring ever since. It’s nice to wake up to the pitta pat of rain. I love this sound. Reminds me when I was a kid staying at my grandmother’s coast house. The sound as the rain hit the tin roof the smell in the air just before the rain started.

The only down side is my gym is outside and only partially covered so I won’t be training outside today. That’s also a problem with wet season but I’ll address that after my morning measurements.

Acetone today was green 4 flashes.

Weigh in: I was up 0.2 pound to 216.4  (nothing really and considering I didn’t train yesterday due to my knees and hips.)


Due to the rain training outside is not an option.

I will train using a door gym my brother-in-law had but never used and gave to us.

It’s nothing fancy but will do the job nicely.

Today’s workout will be Back.

Lat pulldowns, 4-5 sets 12-15 reps, 1 minute rest between sets

One arm rows, 4 sets 8-10 reps,  1 minute between sets

Straight arm pulldowns, 5 sets x 15 reps, 45 seconds rest

Seated rows, 4 sets 10-12 reps 1 minute rest

And good mornings using the cables as resistance ,5 sets x 15 reps, 45 seconds

The workout was intense as we could not use massive amounts of weight we reduced the time between sets around 45 seconds to 1 minute. Kauri and I certainally got our sweat on. One hour and ten minutes later we are done.


Kauri made pancakes. We also had bacon, cheese and eggs so I thought I would make a burger. Next time I’ll make the pancakes into waffles and add a meat patty but it worked well and tasted fantastic.

Bacon, eggs then the melted cheese and some lettuce.

I also had the bullet decaf to wash it down. Around 1400 calories for the morning.

This morning I was going over a training routine for a close friend. I actually still get excited doing this. Like with keto, I really enjoy seeing the results. I know she is going to do well. She’s determined, focused and driven. If anything I wish I could be there to train her one on one but I have no doubt she will kick ass.

Morning snack /lunch

I’m going for the chia pudding today. Quick and easy to digest. Filling and taste amazing, ticks all the boxes.

Afternoon snack

I’ve gone for a protein shake today with the usual spinach, almond milk and protein powder.

Calories up to now 2262 carbs 3%, protein 17%, fat 80%.


Roast chicken and a large salad mixed leaves, blue cheese dressing, olive oil, cucumber and some hazelnuts on the side.

I’m actually 70 calories short but today that’s fine.










Day 86

Damn, I feel old!

I woke up this morning and my hips feel tight and my knees are sore. This is crazy. I’ve never felt like an old man before. (I could have made this into a joke as I prefer woman.) Ha! It’s the Deadpool in me .

Today’s leg workout will be postponed till further notice. Please make your way to the exits on the left and have a nice day.

I’ll change today to a rest day. I chould have changed today to the next workout but being Sunday. I coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn’t.

So inline with  today’s theme I didn’t even do my weight training today but I did do the Ketonix.

Green with 7 flashes today so my report card was 33% with the remarks ‘Could have tried harder’ with a big F on the top. F for fantastic!

So we can see how today’s post is going to be .. off the rails.  It’s a mad house. Save yourself, woman and children first!!! This ships sinking fast!

With my non-workout done it’s time for breakfast. What do super heroes eat when they’ve done sweet FA ? I hear you as yourself .. bacon of course, ’cause everything’s better with bacon and a cloud of scrambled eggs gently caressing the crispy greasy bacon.


Now that’s a love story. Pass me the tissues someone ..I’m tearing up!

OK, im going to be serious for a moment.

Now for some big news. Music maestro.. da da da da da da da daaaaaa.

Im going to be an Admin .. Yep your heard right. I’ve decided to use my powers for good instead of evil.

While Kauri and I still have 2 groups I have loosened the reigns. Kauri does i-Stayfit whch is her baby and I’ve added another person as admin for my men’s group. It’s a small group but if it helps guys then I want to keep it open.

This group is large well known and I personally support them 100% . I’ve been given the opportunity to become part of something bigger to help and assist. So I’ve been reading up the past few days getting my keto on.

Everyone’s journey is different but at least we can assist and help or steer in the right direction if needed.

Morning snack

I need to fuel this kind of crazy so I’m going for what’s behind door number 1 ..

Passionfruit panna cotta is displayed as I hear oohs and aahhs from the audience or maybe that’s in my head.

They taste divine, seriously decadent.

 Lunch time

Green curry with chicken.

Bringing this over to the table it’s still bubbling like a witch’s cauldron.


Tasted fantastic.

This afternoon I had another panna cotta, and a couple of jellies. ( I haven’t had jellies in a while.)

I have a confession I also fell asleep on Kauri’s lap for a while. See I’m getting old even had a nana nap.


Roast chicken, green salad with blue cheese dressing, olive oil and some pistachio nuts. I finished off with one small fat bomb.