Day 60

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been awake since 5 AM and while I have some mental clarity this morning I thought I would start today’s post.

This is the last day of my “Dairy Free “challenge. I stated before I really enjoyed doing this. Initially getting my fats up was harder than I thought but after a slight adjustment, a tweak here a tweak there I was good to go.

What have I learnt this month?

I believe for me dairy free has a place in my lifestyle . I never felt bloated the next day. As with everything, dairy may or may not effect you. I will definitely incorporate it as I go. I won’t have my diet 100% dairy free. I do want cheese taco shells and keto pizza every now and then.

Would I have changed anything this month ?

No. As far as the dairy free component, we have always used coconut oil and coconut cream as our staples in Thailand. The coconut cream has a few carbs (not many.) I’m also not a big cheese eater.

It was great to have scrambled eggs again. Certainly adding coconut cream makes the world of difference. Add a little chives, salt and pepper and you’re right to go. Don’t microwave scrambled eggs,while it’s quick and easy they are not as nice .

Doing the push-up challenge was fun.  500 push ups in an hour  I did it in 44 minutes and I’m going to do it again in March just to beat the time .

Stupid things  I did this month having alcoholic drinks ( 4 beers, 2 wines and a 2 Coke Zeros for the month ( but who’s counting ) . And all of these I didn’t enjoy the taste .(I Should not have had them but I did and I move on.)

Total transparency … No BS.

Moment of Truth weigh-in and measurements.

So I’ve lost 1/2 inch on my waist and chest. Everywhere else no change.I’m a little disappointed To be  honest I  expected arms and legs to gain a little this month. But at least I’m closer to a 32 inch waist the past few months I’ve been very close . In December I got down to 32 1/2 .

I’ve gained 1.6 pounds of weight this month while doing maintenance. Lost some muscle mass and gained a slight bit of fat ( I don’t feel fatter at all. Kauri said there’s more definition and I feel firmer overall.)

So at the moment I’m not too concerned. I’ve also hit 10% body fat. We are using body fat calipers and there is a bit of error. How much skin you grab when you click it and you must make sure you get the exact same spot every time. I actually did 3 tests and I’ve used the largest percentage as my result.  I’ve tried to be as accurate as we can. ( my measurements varied from under 8-10% bodyfat)

4700 calories, WTF!!!

Some people have a real struggle with weight loss. The pain is real. This next month is not about disrespecting anyone or rubbing their noses in it .

So why are you doing this then ?

I want to show that everyone is different. What works for one person won’t necessarily give the same results for another.

Ive learnt this the hard way. Find what works for you. Believe in yourself and stick with it. Yes, you may need to make fine adjustments here and there but be patient .

I do love to self experiment. These days I don’t just follow the herd and  do what everyone else is doing. But I do  try to research first. Funny not many people seem to look things up. Someone gets great results doing one thing and everyone wants to follow expecting the same results.

So Jason Wittrock you sexy beast.

I enjoyed the vlog , He’s a marketing machine a bit too much promo for me but it is what it is. (suddenly I feel like Cheese Wisps ..) damn you, Jason.

When Jason started the 21 day challenge he was actually lighter. Jason stated his weight for the whole year was around 155 pounds. The start of the challenge he had leaned down to 148.2. His body fat was low around 5.2%( and this is all year round.) So the guy’s a fat burning machine.

So we watch the blogs ,Watched him eat 4000 calories, do consultations, plays with his son (so cute) and shop for groceries . I would like to add one thing else Jason stated he usually consumes 2000 calories a day and he doubled it for the challenge .

So let’s make this fun I used my keto Buddy and worked out his maintenance requirements .


So in retrospect he’s maintanence is 2857 calories based on his weight of 148.2 pounds and 5.2% body fat , and very active  so going on the assumption he was on 2000 calories before the challenge  he’s well under maintenance .


Even going on a 20% surplus he is currently eating  500 calories above his recommended intake and yet he still lost weight . Fascinating stuff … again not a 1 size fits all .

For the record I want to add a extra day for training, changing my workouts from 4-5 days a week.  ( initially I was a 3 days a week ) ,then added 1 day for shoulder training .It’s not because of the next challenge. (I want to dedicate one day for training my back.) My workout time per session is increasing and I still can’t find time to fit every exercise within my workout schedule and I want to keep my cortisol levels (stress) to a minimum.

I will gain weight doing this challenge regardless of it being muscle or fat. I’m older than Jason and my metabolism has changed. I want to again show that every one is different. Results vary person to person. Nothing in life is a one size fits all.

I agree everything has a place but it’s what works for you. Don’t just do something because everyone else does. Fasting is a great example ,I saw newbies want to do it that weren’t even fat adapted yet ,over time your body will adapt and you will be less hungry . Don’t force your self to eat and don’t restrict food when your hungry .( without going over your macros)

Aslo add variety to your diets  the egg fasts, the bacon experiment while they work you still require green leafy vegetables .This coming from some one who doesn’t really eat them . But I make sure my nightly meal does .

When I was younger I followed the latest training routines. I would chop and change in the end I got lost in all the hype … These days I’ve learnt the hard way. Do your research, see what works for you, be patient and believe in the process as yourself . It’s taken a lot of mistakes and time wasted to learn this the hard way.


Acetone reading green with 6 flashes.

My final workout for my week is now done. Every workout this week was brutal. 25 reps with a light weight sounds so easy. You get to 10reps and you think this is a easy task. By 15 you start to feel the weight. 20 your muscles start to fatigue and start to burn .. At least it’s only 3 sets  per exercise, well that’s what you tell yourself to get through .

Breakfast this morning was 100g of ham,100g of bacon, 3 eggs scrambled with cherry tomatoes and jalapeño peppers


fats: 82.2

net carbs:6

calories : 1041


My morning snack was 2 fat bombs I will add this to my lunch calculations .

Lunch was olives and pork rinds and I’ve just added a bullet coffee to the mix to bring up the fats .


protein :32

fats :39.5

net carbs:1

calories :495


Dinner was chicken curry ,macadamia nuts and fat bombs ..

my total calories and macros for dairy freee 2017 challenge are as follows

Calories 2792

protein : 142.5 (20%)

fat : 243.3 (78%)

net carbs :15.3 ( 2%)


That concludes Dairy free for this month it will return and Jason Wittrock  thank you for the idea for the month .

Night everybody .x











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  1. I feel the same way about dairy. I will have it in moderation. I just wanted to cut it out for a while because I was so dependent. I have a whole new outlook on it now. I really enjoyed following this challenge. On to the next!

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