Day 59

Morning everyone.

Down to business. Ketonix acetone reading was green with six flashes.

Back and bicep training today.

Arm curls using Olympic bar

One arm rows

Zottman curls (I’ve mentioned these before– a fantastic arm exercise, worth incorporating into your workout.)

Good mornings

Preacher curls

Lat pulldowns

Really happy with the workout.

Breakfast was 4 scrambled eggs, using coconut cream. 125 g of bacon, macadamia nuts and bullet style decaf ( with collagen)

Protein: 63

Fats: 104.6

Net carbs: 4.6

Calories: 1194

Great start to the day.

My routine is becoming more and more like Groundhog Day. Maybe I should call the squirrel that visits Punxsutawney Phil.

Emails done, YouTube done. Day 19 of Jason whittrock, and Facebook and Instagram done .

Kauri went out early this morning as she gets a free medical exam once a year. All blood and urine test came back normal except the LDL was slightly elivated (but this is normal on keto and Kauri’s only been doing this for a few months.)

Morning snack was chia pudding. I really enjoy these. So easy to make. We make them the night before and ready the next day. Great for upping your fats.

I read today another celebrity passed. Time is against us. We only get one chance, no retakes. No certainty of what tomorrow brings, and no guarantees. Life is short so make every day count. Why shorten the odds by consuming excess carbs causing weight gain, diabetes and wreaking  havoc internally in our bodies.

I have no fear of death and I always make sure my wife knows how much I love her. Not just words. It has to have meaning. I’ve tried to be the best  person I can be mentally, physically and emotionally and give back, not for redemption but it’s who I am. (It’s so easy to judge someone in text rather than taking the time to know them on a personal level.)

People that don’t know me find me intimidating being 6’3 and large framed and upfront. I also like to think outside the box and don’t do something just because everyone does. But I would do anything for anyone. Kauri will vouch for this 100%. I still open doors for people, help old ladies, even give them my seat. I’m old school. I was taught to respect others. If people are judgmental, rude, arrogant or make total asses of themselves then I call them on it. I’ve  tried to mix with like minded people. I can say even on Facebook I have a handful of fantastic people that I respect and admire and can call true friends. Friends come and go especially on social networks. Some you just click with instantly  and these are the ones worth keeping.

To make someone laugh, smile or feel better about themselves to me is priceless. Hopefully when I am gone a part of what we do lives on. It’s never too late to change and that’s what’s a shame about Grandma. Once she’s gone there will be nothing nice to say about her, and she won’t be remembered for one good deed. I don’t want my life to be so meaningless.

Off the track slightly but this is my blog  if people don’t like it they are free to leave. The exits are behind you.

Damn! Ab reminder on the phone. So time to do 8 minutes of abdominals.

Abs done. It’s supposed to get easier right? Lol

Again, I’m not going to sugar coat  or more correct stevia coat these posts. This is 100% me. No BS and as real as it gets. I try to lead by example. Some days are tougher than others but I try to pick one good thing to focus on.

If I can add  this. I just want to thank Kauri. Every evening she goes over my blog post and corrects my punctuation or mistakes. Like me, she wouldn’t publish something that has been fabricated. I do pride myself on my honesty and integrity and passion. Otherwise I have nothing.

I’m  going to have four fat bombs to up my fat intake. These are the avocado fat bombs from our recipe index. I will also have some chilli salami for lunch with black olives. Rather than having the macros separately I have added this as one meal.

Protein: 15.5

Fats: 65.1

Net carbs: 1.8

Calories: 652

After a bit more research its now 3 pm and I’m going to have 25 g of macadamia nuts.

This afternoon was spent updating some excel spreadsheets that I want to use for the blog.

Dinner tonight was chicken fried in garlic and pepper. If I wasn’t doing dairy free I would also add some butter and cream to make a sauce and make some zoodles. I also have some cauliflower fried in bacon fat as a side dish.

Very filling and I’m done for the evening.

Final macros for the day.

Calories: 2902 ( 32 under for the day )

Protein: 145.6 (20%)

Fats: 252.6( 78%)

Net carbs: 16.8 ( 2%)


Thanks, me done for the day …























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  1. Great vlog – I dig it! “To Thine Own Self Be True” is a quote I often identify and remember when it comes to trying to be as “real” as possible. Some days are harder than others. It is human nature to seek the approval of others unfortunately.

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