Day 58

Morning everyone.

Well, I did something naughty last night and I thought I would add it here. (I almost said I’ve been bad and need to be spanked but I won’t πŸ™‚ Last night was so damn hot and I needed something cold to drink. Usually we have water in the fridge but we had used it all today and I decided to have a Coke Zero. Not a great choice as it turned out I actually felt queasy most the night and even this morning almost contemplated skipping training. But then I would feel guilty.

Lesson learned. This is the second time I’ve tried drinking Coke Zero. I don’t even like the taste anymore.

Due to lack of sleep I completely forgot about doing acetone levels. Not that it means much at the moment. So much for mental

This morning was leg day and I must admit after last night I could have easily gone back to bed. So let’s get it over with.


I decided to change the order today for a bit of variety.

Box squats ( I went heavy on this so reps between 4-6) and 6 sets

Seated calf raises 4 sets x 25

Leg extensions 3 sets x 25

Leg curls 3 sets x 25

It’s now Β official.

It’s now officially summer in Thailand and the mornings are certainly a lot warmer. Every workout my shirts are now drenched and I make sure I drink enough fluids while I train outside. As it turned out today’s workout was fantastic. Legs were like jelly by the end of it.

Breakfast this morning was 3 scrambled eggs using coconut cream and coconut oil, avocado rose, ( thank you Kauri) asparagus wrapped in bacon, and some cherry tomatoes from the garden (fried in the bacon fat.) I also had a bullet style decaf.

Protein: 40.9

Fats: 89

Net carbs: 5

Calories: 983

Time to surf the information highway.

YouTube done, Facebook done, instagram done.

After reading some posts yesterday it made me realise how obese we are becoming as a race. It was quite shocking reading people had tipped the scales in excess of 450 pounds.

Isn’t it amazing we are getting fatter on average year after year and what’s being recommended as a dietary guideline?

I have pasted the dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020;

A sad fact. Nutritionalists and doctors are scared to promote anything else for the fear of being struck of the register. So yesterday I wanted to see the top ten obese countries in the world for 2017.

OK, drum roll..

Starting at number 10

#10 – United States – 31.8% …
#9 – Mexico – 32.8% …
#8 – Qatar – 33.1% …
#7 – South Africa – 33.5% …
#6 – United Arab Emirates – 33.7% …
#5 – Jordan – 34.3% …
#4 – Egypt – 34.6% …
#3 – Belize – 34.9%

#2 – Saudi Arabia – 35.2%

#1 – Kuwait – 42.8%

Mexico was interesting. Mexico is said to be the worlds largest consumer of Coca Cola.

I’ve added the link for those interested.

Lunch today was 100 g of pork belly, 20 g of macadamias.

Protein: 21.4

Fats: 42.5

Net carbs: 1

Calories: 475

This afternoon I decided to have a bullet style cocoa. I know real fats are preferred but sometime you gotta do what’s easy at the time and what’s on hand. This combined with the snacks or the day Β (pork rinds, macadamia and 2 fat bombs) came to the following;

Protein: 40.7

Fats 78.3

Net cars 6.9

Calories 876

This worked out so well, actually really well. I felt satisfied.

Dinner will be 140 g of chicken and some greens cooked in bacon fat. Today’s green of choice was bok choi. I have to say I mentioned this yesterday but keep any excess fat dripping it is so good when cooking green veggies ..and I finished off with 25g of macadamias..

So macros for the day

Calories 28 over (no issue)

Protein: 139.5

Fat: 262.8

Net carbs: 14.9

So all in all an excellent day.















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