Day 57


7 AM: time to start the day morning rolling.

The Ketonix reading today was green with 5 flashes. So again, low level mid range detected.

My morning routine is usually have a coffee with Kauri (black decaf) and training usually starts before 7:30am.

I have had three days off the weights and I am now back to the first day of training for the week, which is shoulder workout.

One bit of advice I can give for those who do train, variety is the spice of life. Certainly do the same exercises but periodically change the order you do them. Your body adapts so doing the same exercises week after week year after year and in the same order you are not getting the most benefit from your workout. Personally every 2 months I rotate the order of exercises or will change a workout focusing more on a lagging body part.

Today’s workout smashed me. The same exercises but in different order plus the added bonus of 25 reps this week instead of 20. When doing 25 reps I now drop sets to 3 per exercise. Two reasons: one is time and the second is excess stress releases cortisol and therefore drops testosterone production for us guys. So I still try to aim for an hour workout.

Side laterals

Front lateral raise

Arnold press

Upright rows

Bent over rows.

The workout was intense, especially on the last few sets of each exercise. Sometimes you don’t reach 25 in one go. If you fall short, say 5 reps ,take 5 second break, 10 reps 10 second break and continue till you get 25 reps. Remember, use a light weight–around 30% of a weight you would use to get 8-12 repetition. Then  rest 1-2 minutes between sets.

I must admit I was super hungry today.

9 AM: Time to cook breakfast. Breakfast was scrambled eggs (4 medium eggs) bacon, sausages , macadamias  and bullet style decaf with collagen.

Protein: 58.7

Fats: 116.3

Net carbs: 4.3

Calories: 1286

So off to a great start.

After reading emails, Facebook and Instagram, it was time to watch Jason Whittrock day 17 on YouTube.

It’s around 11 AM so I’m going to have a chia pudding we made last night

and a couple of jellies.

Protein: 11.5

Fats: 43.3

Net carbs: 7.3

Calories: 455

Snacks today have consisted of 2 fat bombs, some pork rinds, and macadamia nuts.

Protein : 20.7

Fats: 41

Net carbs: 1.9

Calories : 454

It’s almost 3 pm so Kauri will be due back soon. My shoulders are still sore from the workout. Certainly these days I train smarter, less impact on my joints but still get a great workout today.

Kauri brought back some fried chicken wings so I’ll have a few to up the protein as a snack around 120 g.

Tonight’s dinner was 160g of fried pork belly and 60g of broccolini.  Use the rendered pork fat instead of oil or butter to fry the veggies, add salt, pepper and you have a flavor explosion.

Macros for the day:

Calories: I went over by 100

Protein: 141 (18%)

Fats: 271.5 (80%)

Net carbs: 15.9 (2%)


That concludes today’s entry.

Night everyone.





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  1. All caught up! I can’t believe how fast the days go by! I don’t realize it until I catch up on your blog! Guess it’s time to get a piece of chocolate and watch some YouTube before bed. I just posted a new video… was called brace but I have no shame. I added some video footage of me in 2015 at Seaworld 2 weeks before I started keto… I never realized how big I was… I’m so happy to be where I’m at… and so happy to have the Keto family that I do. Night Charlie.

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