Day 56

Today is my last rest day excluding abdominal training and some walking round the shops. Today is laid back.

I’ve done the measurement with the Ketonix again green mid level. I should mention my computer died the other day and won’t boot even after getting a disc so that’s why I haven’t given the actual readings but it’s just a guide.

I’m up to date with Jason Whittrock day 15 … Love the guy’s passion and positivity. What more can you say, haters are gonna hate.
Breakfast was another fry up. Bacon, sausages, cherry tomatoes, chilli, zucchini, salt and pepper and a dish of scrambled eggs.
Followed by… wait for it….. Bullet coffee ..


Kauri opted for egg white wraps. Last time we posted them in an old group there was an uproar why we didn’t use the whole egg… At the time I was out of eggs and the egg whites in a carton make a great back up. It’s part of a staple I’ve always used them.

Protein: 39

Fats: 94.4

Net carbs: 5.2

Calories: 1027

1 hour later
We have decided to get out for a while so I’ve eaten 2 fat bombs and 75 g of chilli salami ..
The only downside to being a handyman when things break its my job to fix them .. The guest bathroom tiles need to be replaced this week. Always interesting to fix someone else’s work. The house is over 10 years old and a few corners were definitely cut building this house.

So after going through translation and the language barrier I now have the items I require to do the job.

Kauri has a sixth sense. She can find a coffee shop anywhere. It’s so funny she gets lost at times but can find a lone coffee shop out in the middle of nowhere with such precision.
So we are now sitting in a coffee shop lol.  There is free wifi so I can check emails and continue with my blog.

Shopping done (the Garmin shows 2.35 miles of walking and 4372 steps.) It’s time to head home for lunch.

Lunch was very simple. A strawberry chia pudding made the night before. These are seriously easy to make. I know we have a few recipes but all you need is :

125 g of coconut cream

2 table spoons of chia seeds

Sweetener or fresh berries

Stir well or whiz in a blender and let set overnight.


I also had 20 g of macadamia nuts.

Protein: 22.2

Fats: 90

Net carbs: 8.1

Calories: 924

I read some fantastic news this morning, well actually twice today. Two of my friends reached new lows in weight loss, one male and one female. This really excites me and keeps me so motivated to promote this way of life. Again it shows. Believe in yourself and don’t worry what others are doing or saying. Sometimes your body will fight you every step of the way to lose that extra pound and a loss is a loss. You may have gained weight over many many years. Don’t expect it just to plummet. If it does it’s a bonus. As you get closer to your goal our weight loss may slow.  As you guys know I’m not a fan of scales but I was so excited to see the weight loss both people had. So Well done guys proud of you both ..

By the way, I was up to date on Jason whittrock but I’ve just now seen episode 16 posted .. So after watching I’m now up to date lol.

Its almost 5 pm  Tonight’s dinner will be roast chicken with broccolini. I was under my calories. I also had 2 fat bombs and a bullet coffee with 2 tablespoons of collagen, 1 tablespoon coconut cream and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Just before dinner Kauri noticed water dripping under the sink so while she cooked the broccolini (in pork fat–a great way to use any left over bacon fat or pork fat flavor central), I dismantled the plastic pipes and fixed the leak. Funny how this stuff always happens at the end of the day. Luckily, I didn’t have to buy parts I have some bits and pieces that commonly fail.


So macros for the day :

Net carbs: 18.9 (3%)

Protein: 127.4 (17%)

Fats : 268.5 (80%)

Calories: 2986


I should add I do take Magnesium tablets at night.

Well, that’s me done for the day.  Except for abs. Will do them shortly. I have to do them as I’ve challenged a mate in my men’s group. A great way to stay motivated.

Tomorrow Kauri has to take Grandma and the maid out for the day so I will remove all the adhesive from concrete  and clean up the grout from the tiles .. Fun times ..

Night every one blog post is done and with that it’s time to do abs. 🙂

Reminder to self:

Don’t do sit up with Kauri as one of us causes fits of laughter to the other. Then it’s game on.







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