Day 55

Another non-training day and it’s already 11:50 am and I haven’t written a thing. My bad but I have been productive.

Ketonix reading green with 5 flashes. ( low acetone reading with mid range.)

Kauri and I went for another walk today and watched the sunrise ..

I felt like a change for breakfast so we did a fry up. Pre keto this would have been potatoes instead of zucchini, and we would have made into a frittata..(that was a Sunday morning or brunch staple.) One tablespoon of coconut oil, zucchini, salt and pepper. Finely chopp bacon and fry. Add cherry tomatoes, chili, onion powder, basil, oregano and thyme .. I actually had 2 eggs.

I also did a Jason whittrock style coffee, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut cream and1 tablespoon of collagen.




Protein: 40.5

Fats: 71.1

Net carbs: 6.4

Calories: 817

This is about 400 calories short of most my breakfasts but was fantastic. Feel great.

Jason whittrock, you are now taking up my precious time watching your YouTube posts everyday. As my dairy challenge is up next week ,it’s time for the next one. So Jason this one’s for you ..

I won’t double my calories but I will up them substantially. I will increase from 2938 up to around 4500. I’ll have an exact number next week, but this number looks good.

I’ve just calculated my macros .. so 4668 calories for the month.

I love self testing and having fun along the way. Keto has given me many options. I have to thank Crystal for suggesting dairy free.  It was fantastic and something I will incorporate into my way of life .. To not feel bloated was fantastic.

A couple more episodes and Jason’s  body weight is finally going up (at some stage it had to.)

We are constantly learning with keto. Again, it’s not a one size fits all. That would be way too easy.

Lunch was a quick bite before we head out. Kauri made pork belly in 5 spice. I had that and some lettuce.

Protein: 18.7



Calories :1036

We went to the local markets. We know a few sellers and have struck up a few friendships along the way. We never bargain with locals. They work hard and get very little for the work they do. Although they still try to give us freebies every now and then.

My friend Lurd cooks the best chickens in Thailand, lightly smoked and he is such a gentleman and a character. Love this guy. He has a cheeky laugh like a naughty kid .. even if we don’t buy a chicken from him we always go over to say hello.

This afternoon I’m having a shake as my last meal. Coconut cream, cocoa powder, cinnamon 2 tbsp of collagen..( gelatin / collagen instead of protein powder.)

Today was interesting. Due to the higher fat consumption my protein was lower. For me the lowest protein amount since tracking macro (11%.) I’m not worried at all.

Today’s breakdown (including snacks of  3 fat bombs and 25 g  macadamia nuts during the day.)

Net carbs: 18.3

Protein: 84.6


Calories : 2943





A great day .. done and dusted ..

Night everyone.



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  1. Even more calories than I thought but you’re much taller than Jason so that makes sense! You should make some of those chocolate covered macadamia nuts, those look soooo good! I’m excited for your next challenge.

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