Day 54

Today’s a non-training day (for newbies reading the blog, I train 4 days with the weights and 2 days walking and 1 day  recovery.  Sweet FA, basically.)

Kauri joined me for a walk around the complex I usually do 2 laps. I had the Garmin on today as I was curious of the distance. It worked out being 5 kilometers. I usually do a medium-fast pace walk and the beauty of having training outside gives me a chance to look around and reflect and take a break from social media. Stop and smell the flowers.. (literally, Kauri was taking photos.)

Everything in life,  the ups the downs the joys the heartache has led me to where I am today. To be retired at 47  and to be in the best shape of my life at 49 and to have a loving, supporting wife who is my best friend is a great feeling.

I have a lot to be thankful for my life. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows and fluffy bunnies. But it’s made me who I am.

I’m usually a very private person but because of keto I wanted to do more. The one thing I love about social media is getting to know and seeing so many like minded people with a passion, people that are genuine, give freely and support one another. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know fellow trainers, bloggers, cooks , admins  and we all share ideas and thoughts. It really does build a community. A family as we all see it, as a benefit to others.

OK, deep stuff over .. Time to get on with it.

Ketonix reading this morning was green with 5 flashes … So yeah

It’s also the final week of the dairy challenge. I even have the music picked out. Guru get your lighter ready and crank it up.

Oh yeah ….

Breakfast was brilliant. Loving these scrambled eggs . Eggs should be slightly runny. Allow the residual heat will cook them …


How can you seriously find keto boring, huh? And this is all dairy free. I will also have a keto bullet style decaf and we had some sausages. (again I’m no longer doing keto for weight loss.)

Let’s do some macros

Protein: 73

Fat: 84.1

Net carbs: 2.6

Calories: 1060

A slight detour …


I would just like to say a huge thank you for the support, well wishes and lovely comments. We have just passed 10,000 views on this website. It really does make what we do worth while ..


Today was a quick shop and run around to do some errands. I should add yesterday after the movies we did buy pork belly, decaf coffee and bacon.

Shopping today we picked up some salami, eggs, more eggs, and some sausages. We also picked up some fresh veggies on the way home .

We had a late lunch. I ate the remainder of the pork knuckle from last night around, 200g .. reheated in the air fryer.. such a great device ..

I also finished off with 2 fat bombs (dairy free) ..

So macros for the meal:

Protein: 17.4

Fats: 38

Net carbs: 7.4

Calories: 430

I’ve just been catching up on a few episodes of Jason Wittrock. Seriously, he reminds me of me .. except for the

It certainly is interesting to see not only after a week he returned to his original weight but then lost weight. It really is a WTF moment ..

The reminder has gone off. Time to do 8-minute abs workout.

I was thinking about my next challenge so I won’t double my calories. No way would I eat 5800 calories. I might give Nigella and Keto K.op a heart attack but I will raise you 1000. So next month 4000 calories a day for the whole month .. boo yeah ..

Snacks consisted of bullet style decaf, some macadamia nuts and a fat bomb. This will change next month when I bring back dairy to the mix.

We also made a new t-shirt today .. to celebrate the 10,ooo views. What can I say..


Dinner tonight will be chicken, bok choi and  green curry.

Today’s calories and macros worked out perfectly ..

Also under carbs score.

I’ve started reusing the ketoapp for iPad I was lucky to win a copy a while back. Unfortunately, the app is not free but it does calculate net carbs …















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