Day 53

Today is my final training for the week (Sat- Tue) and my favorite workout chest and triceps. 4 sets at 20 reps.
Next week we increase the reps to 25. then the following week I think I’ll go heavy just to mix things up a bit.

Bench press

Tricep kick backs

Incline press

Skull crushers

Decline flyers

Reverse tricep cables
With training done it’s time to prepare breakfast.
For some reason I did not enjoy the fried eggs yesterday, felt queasy (hope I’m not pregnant OMG.)

So today I decided to make scrambled eggs with three eggs done in 2 tablespoons of coconut cream and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
150 g of bacon, 1/2 avocado and one bullet style coffee (coconut cream, coconut oil and collagen.)

Today we’ve decided to go to the movies. Yes usually it’s Thursday, well spotted. (Kauri wanted to see John Wick Chapter 2.)
We’ve packed the staples.
Pork rinds (instead of salami chips) macadamias, coconut chips for Kauri and a bullet style cocoa (coconut cream 100g,coconut oil, cocoa, collagen and a couple of drops of sweet leaf toffee drops.)
Really filling.
So something new happened to us in the theatre today. The power went down half way through the movie..emergency lights came on and everyone stayed seated. For at least 15 minutes ..  I had to take a photo..

By the time we finish it’s time to eat so we are going to a German themed restaurant. It’s only 5-8 minutes away from where we live.

So funny going to a German restaurant in Thailand. I feel sorry for these guys they have to dress in traditional German outfits. We were lucky enough to get a photo of the guys and girls for my blog. Where’s a guy when you want one (that sounds so wrong) they look so happy ..

Dinner was nice the sausages. Filled me up and I couldn’t eat much of the pork knuckle so we will take it home .

Again eat to satisfied.
So at the end of the day including eating out my best image is 2,940 calories.. not bad at all..

So a great day with Kauri .. calories done.

Night everyone.

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