Day 52 – Wake up and smell the roses

After watching Jason Whittrock on YouTube I’m inspired. I feel a mini rant today.

Nobody knows you better than yourself.

From day One I have stated my journey is no longer about weight loss. And to have that one admin take a personal dislike to my posts on fat bombs, bullet proof coffee as it does not fit within his ideal is a joke. Fat bombs and various bullet style coffees have become part of keto if it’s an issue for admins then it needs to be made clear you don’t support the promotion of fat bombs and bullet proof coffee. Any posting will be seen as a violation of the rules and you will be removed..

I think that’s how one pin went in a group

Dont forget that with keto fat is 75% of calories or higher. For athletes and bodybuilders and the likes. The high fat percentage cannot be reached by fatty cuts of meat avocado etc. alone. Regardless if we are a minority there are more individuals doing keto not just for weight loss..

I actually considered giving up keto. This pinhead made me rethink was I doing it right, and made me feel uncomfortable posting within the group  and I left the group because of this. I think other than” keto gains” the groups need to have admins knowledgeable and qualified for those who do fitness rather than set in their own ideals and more so think outside the square. (Regardless of how knowledgeable they are in some aspects or what they think they know they don’t know it all.)

Today I was watching Jason Whittrock on his 4000 calorie challenge and lo and behold, bullet proof coffee, fat bombs, nuts. Everything I’ve been doing. We are very similar except. He’s about 1-2% less body fat: he’s shorter and I’m older but we almost on the same path. Mind you, I’m on maitanance so I’m 1000 calories less than Jason at the moment plus his protein has been kept less. (Mine is still under 20%) and his net carbs are obviously higher.

What’s even funnier was the pee strips on day 2. We’ve all been saying how unreliable these are. Four different brands, two showed he was not in ketosis and two came up red (high level.) The blood test showed 2.7 (ketosis ranges are usually within 0.5-3 mmol)

The final thumbs up was mention about the Ketonix. He said its crap. And look at my experiences with it as well. Some groups all rant and rave about the acetone readings being the gold standard and this is what they trust. If you’re keto adapted I know some admins that drink wine therefore using this, the acetone levels will be  higher.

(I really should have bought the blood ketone meter and I’ve mentioned that before.)

His results are surprising as there’s so much info stating an extra 3000 calories adds a pound of body weight. (but again Jason is very lean.) It would be interesting to see an individual with a higher body fat say 18% do the same experiment. I’m curious to see if his Dexa scan shows any change. I posted the day 3 as this was relevant to today’s post.

The other day I was looking at posts in a group, two caught my eye.

One person on keto asked the group for training routines for a newbie. I do not like when people ask a collective this sort of question. One person said they train heavy, one advised push-pull type workouts and so many others, P90X , etc, etc.

The problem with this is no one knows if this person has any pre existing health conditions or injuries or their age or experience lifting if any. Are they training from home if so what equipment do they have available are they doing body weight exercises? What their goals are? Is their fitness cardio based, weight lifting or body building  the last two are not the same.)

Same with using a gym, free weights machine weights what level of experience ..  For a newbie joining a gym I would invest in a couple of workouts with a personal trainer that’s  known to get results. That way they can teach them how to use the equipment properly, and correct any form issues. In my mind a worthwhile investment.

Same as asking the groups an opinion on a product you will get so many different answers.  You see yes, no, I do, I don’t. If they weren’t confused before hand they are now. Maybe all keto food questions should go via admin. Yes it’s fine or unfortunately no, it’s not because .. just saying.

So I feel good after seeing the YouTube video. Thanks Jason ..

I shouldn’t doubt myself. I’m an engineer now retired and was a personal trainer I know what I’m talking about. But again what works for one person may not give the exact results for someone else whether it be training or keto and if I don’t know the answering keto I go to my guru .

And that’s all she wrote.

Greg x



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  1. Great blog – I really like it when people say to avoid fat bombs and BPC. I don’t rely on them daily, but there are times when I want to bump up my fats a bit more. Also, Dr Eric Berg suggests not only to use fat bombs but that they are best consumed right after micronutrient rich meal to hold you over until next meal and to get the food digested properly.

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