Day 50

Home safe and sound and reality of being back bites you in the ass.

The maid’s off Sunday so Kauri’s it for the day.  Monday Kauri’s driving Miss Daisy, Tuesday  medical appointment. I Feel like another holiday already.

Ketonix : green mid level.

Training shoulders as last week .I did all sets with 25 reps. I will Increase the weights to the next weight range and do 20 reps per set.

“Seated arnold press (4 sets X 20 )”

“Side lateral raises (4 sets incline) ”

“Wide upright row (4 sets X 20 )”

“Bent over flys. (3 sets X 20 )”

“Front raise (4 sets X 20 )”

Workout went well.

I was talking to a great friend of mine today and I know I do state this but for anyone new reading this, my keto journey is no longer about weight loss. I reached my body fat goal  and my waist measurement I was after and for the moment I’m doing maintenance. (although I’m aiming to still reduce my waist) BMI is not an ideal goal. From BMI I am still overweight regardless of the low body fat ..

My goals are now fitness based and not about how much I can consume. I saw a post where someone on YouTube is going to almost double their macros from 2200-4000 per day over a month while on keto.

My meals are calculated based on my macros. At 6 foot 3 inches, large boned and around 100 kg with under 9% body fat my requirements are high compared to many. This is why I recommend everyone calculate their macros to understand what their fat, protein and carb requirements are. This is not a one size fits all. (Even carbs, most state 25 g but realistically it can be 4-5 % of your total calories. So the amount varies person to person.)

These are the only two macro calculations that concern me, Maintanance and Surplus.

These  calculations will change as my weight, body fat, energy expenditure/ fitness level  change along the the journey.

Again these are my requirements, what I need to reach my goals. I mentioned before that my sweet spot for protein is around 125 g per day and therefore the fat is slightly higher than the chart. These cannot be reached by just fatty cuts of meat and as I’m doing dairy free I cannot have cheese at my disposal.

I regularly use fat bombs and bullet style coffee, cocoa , decaf to reach my goals ..  I see no difference from adding extra oil or butter to cook with, drinking it straight, adding to salad or freezing to make a fat bombs. Luckily for use we have the best quality coconut oil and coconut cream available.

I would be happy to be under the fats if I was doing weight loss (and then I would most likely not require fat bombs as a supplement.)




Breakfast was beetroot waffles, ham, eggs, jalapeños, macadamia nuts.

The waffles had a slight crunch on the outside but soft and moist inside. I also had a bullet style decaf.

Protein: 69

Fats: 75

Net carbs:9.6



Morning tea was 2 dairy free teddies

Protein: 0.7

Fats: 16.5

Carbs: 0.9

Calories: 148

Lunch: roast chicken, avocado, fat bombs, macadamia nuts.

Protein: 32

Fats: 51.4

Net carbs: 5.5

Calories: 629

We have relatives staying over so tonight we are going out to dinner.

Depending on where we are going I will adjust my macros to suit.

Dinner was late but enjoyable. Kauri, myself, Gaylord and her aunt. The food and company were great. I had pork, chicken, some stir fry and fried fish.

I would have gone over my protein today but this doesn’t happen very often. ..  I had no rice and definitely no dessert.. so carbs would be still below 25 g. I was really happy with the food choices it was a really great night topped off with a coffee.









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  1. You’ve got to be talking about Jason Wittrock. He’s on day 12 tomorrow for his 4000 calories for 21 days challenge. It’s pretty interesting. I’m wondering if his body fat will increase. He took blood tests and a body fat test on day 1. His weight has been going up and down but we all know the scale doesn’t say the whole story.
    I thought this test/challenge was pretty interesting. And he’s only 5’7″ I think and 148 lbs.

    1. Yes Jason’s 21 day 4000 calories is interesting ,I honestly was surprised that his weight didn’t go up the first 2 -3 days and then stabilize . But again his body is super lean at 6% body fat .. great viewing for sure

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