Day 49

On the road again.

Holidays over done and dusted. We had chia pudding, bullet style coffee,macadamia nuts, and a complementary breakfast ( I finally got the omelette I ordered 2 days prior.)

Everythings packed and we just need to give the keys back and get our deposit and of course no ones around .. so again we have to ring. OMG!

Before we head off Kauri’s getting a coffee for the road.

It’s deja vu. Going back and not looking forward to it. When Kauri and I were first dating our last day back was the worse feeling after spending a month together then going to Bangkok terminal to head back to Sydney alone and doing this a few times a year. Either me flying to Thailand or Kauri flying to Sydney.

They say absence makes the hearts grow fonder, and yes, I agree but it’s hard on both parties, making time to catch up on Skype especially with the time zones. To make a long distance relationship works it takes everything you have. When you find the right person, it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Finally, on our way back to Grandma’s house. Wonder how many checkpoints today being Friday ..
Thirty minutes into our drive we pass the pineapple stands. Looking to the left there’s acres and acres of pineapples growing in the fields.

The one thing about living in Bangkok is it’s a concrete jungle. I really miss the mountains. You won’t see them until you drive approximately two hours out. Funny how something I took for granted in OZ is one thing I now miss.

So far no check point. I’m surprised ..
We’re dropping off at a major outlet mall. You have Levi’s, all the different shoes brands, Adidas, Nike, etc. So a good way to get some steps.

We bought some jeans (down side to keto) and a few pairs of shoes.
Guess what ?
Check point
And this ones’ a biggie, stopping every car .. time 1 pm

Coming back we’ve decided to have a late lunch another restaurant under  a bridge. The seafood here is always excellent. Plus an added bonus you get to see the fishing boats.
I never liked calamari , every time I’ve tried it it’s always rubbery. The calamari here is so fresh and just melts in your mouth. We had mixed seafood, fried fish and salt and pepper calamari.

Almost 3 pm now. We are about an hour away from home.
And check point … lol 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. Are you guys serious?
OK, my bad. It’s even worse, line marking .. during the afternoon during the start of peak traffic.

This morning I rembered we now are out of bacon and I’d forgot to mention it to Kauri something reminded me on the way home.

So that’s my trip. We did have pork crackling in the car plus the big breakfast and a late lunch. Its 7 pm and I’m still full so I’ll have a green tea and leave it at that.

Back to routine tomorrow. Shoulder training …





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