Day 47

Good morning everyone.

The one thing about this country I have noticed is that people have no sense of time. Nothing happens in a hurry. Yesterday no one was here at 2 pm check-in time. Even this morning we were advised breakfast was at 8:30. It’s now almost 9 and still nothing.

Breakfast finally arrived. I preordered omelette for breakfast the day before, I got 2 fried rubbery eggs, 1 sausage, 1 piece of ham and 3 slices of tomato (the tomato was the tastiest part of the meal.)

Kauri ordered Thai soup. We should have made our own breakfast .. I so want to get the homestay up and running.

We also had soy milk, orange juice , 1 sliced apple (none of which we had.)

I decided to use the Ketonix again but just with the battery rather than bringing the computer with me.

This morning it read green with 6 flashes. ( so low level and just over mid range) I honestly have no faith in this product. But I’ll use it till it dies .. I actually found an interesting article from a guy that compared it with using ketonix blood device will try and find it. Found it!

I know  this is for the Ketonix Sport and mine is the ketonix USB but  it’s only the preset values that are different.

Breakfast is done.

We went out for lunch at a restaurant by an old run down fishing pier. I love this spot. Every time the jetty gradually disappears bit by bit. I’ve never see the tide this high or sea so rough. No fishing boats out today.

Lunch was fried whiting, we also ordered scallops and fried soft shelled crab. You also get a complementary soup done with chicken broth and meat balls.

We even found a new outdoor workout station by the beach and had a play on the equipment after lunch.

Unrelated to keto, I saw a challenge on Facebook to do 500 push-ups in an hour and I had nothing better to do so I thought it’s doable. No rules. So I worked it out if I do 10 push-ups every 45 seconds I can achieve this.

It’s a mind game, boring as hell but something I was willing to sacrifice my time for to see if I have what it takes. (I always talk about mindset so let’s back it up.) I set the timer for one hour and Kauri kept the numbers for me while reading.

And I did it in 44 minutes, 500 push ups. Not bad considering I did chest and triceps the morning before. I’m not afraid to fail and I wanted to push myself. See what I could do. Again your mind is a great tool. Use it to your advantage.

Going to have a quick swim in the pool before we head off.

Wednesday evening is the local market day. There’s every thing from fruit and veg, fish, clothes, etc. So it’s always fun to go out and see what’s available.

I had never had Jicama before. When fresh it’s sweet almost taste like an apple when eaten raw. I’ve seen people make fries and chips with them as well. Kauri was saying as they get older the taste becomes bland. Full of fiber. You don’t see them much in Thailand anymore as people don’t tend to grow them often so this was a real score.

We bought some roast chicken, some cauliflower, some pineapple for Kauri (yes this town is world famous for it) and obviously the jicama. I wish I’d got more now ..

Dinner will be cauliflower, chicken and salad and some whitings. I’ve been told by the boss to wrap it up and spend some time with her so .. night everyone. It’s true happy wife happy life ….



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    1. Thank you, I had never had it before..Wow it tasted like a nashi pear if seen them fried into chips on the keto sites but these are so fresh . So yummy the bundle was 10 baht so about 20 cents so cheap ..

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