Day 46

Road tripping across the universe…
Yep, it’s road trip time .. training’s already done (chest and triceps), breakfast out of the way (chocolate waffles and 150g of bacon). It’s time to head off.
It’s a trip down south to Hua Hin. About 4 hour driv.
We’ve packed the munchies and food for the trip ahead .
It’s a nice day for a drive. Sun’s out. I have my bullet proof decaf and my partner in crime next to me.
An hour into the drive Kauri’s pulled into a servo (service station) for coffee. While she does this I’m going to grab the freezer bag and pinch 2 fat bombs ..
We’ve just driven into the seaside town Samut Songkram. This province is renown for its seafood and lychees. We’ve just driven past the salt pans. Here there are so many roadside stores selling salt. Maybe a two-kilometer stretch. It’s so cool seeing the make shift huts and windmills. And makeshift stands on the roadside selling bags and bags of salt.

The next town is world famous for sweets and curry although I’m starting to think Kauri uses the term ” world famous” a little too easily these days
Traffic’s come to a grinding hault not because of an accident. Another police checkpoint. These are always during the busiest part of the day, checking rego stickers and trucks for defects. Rather than having one lane set aside they use all three. I can’t blame the police they earn such little money. Must be a great revenue raiser. It’s the second one I’ve seen in less than 2 hours.
Maybe we need a town that is world famous for revenue raising.. lol

There’s one province  that I love the mountain crops out of nowhere. I mentioned to Kauri it should be world famous.. All I heard was silence although I’m laughing on the inside as I’m writing this.

Two hours into the trip ..
We transferred music to the flash drive so time has gone quick, although Kauri and I always have great conversations. A bit of a sing along never goes astray.
We decided to pull over and grabbed some strawberry chia pudding we brought with us .. easy to eat while driving.

OK, I spy with my little eye something beginning with c…
Checkpoint! Another police checkpoint ..This time I took a drive by photo so 3 in 2 hours …

We’re now in Petchaburi a town wait for it .. world famous for traditional Thai sweets .. Thai custard in particular. And known for its hotheaded residents.
We’ve finally arrived at our destination and no one around. It’s deserted. Kauri had to ring. After 10 minutes gone by, two staff finally turned up. The ladies apologize as they were out to lunch. Like seriously! You have guests due at 2 pm  and no one’s here.
Anyway, the place is small but OK for the money.
We have our own lap pool .. so I don’t think this resort has reached “world famous” status.

Lunch was pork belly with salad and olive oil dressing .

The pool was great and we did a few laps .. and I still have abdominal workout to do.

Dinner will be roast chicken stir fried in garlic pepper and veggies added. We will also have a fat bomb and I’m having a vodka. It is Valentines after all.

To my darling wife Kauri, as you are checking this, Thank you for your unconditional friendship, love and support. I look forward to growing old with you. I would love to say growing old and maturing like a fine wine but we both know that ain’t gonna happen.  I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be

Thank you for being you and letting me into your life

Happy Valentine’s babe xx

P.S I even got a kiss ….💋

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