Day 45

I’ve decided since I’m doing this blog and you’re probably one of about 50 reading it, I’ll make it my own. Be the crazy bastard, the smart ass that I am (like my hero Dead Pool), have you noticed you never see a photo with Dead Pool and myself in the same room.. .

I read a great line this morning.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 9522.6: I’ve never trusted Klingons. I think there’s something in that for everyone.

Facebook has lost its appeal for me. It’s no longer a new and shiny toy and has become lackluster, boring and  everyday is Groundhog Day.  I just cannot be an active part of the keto groups on Facebook  anymore. I’m so sick and tired the way some groups and certain inderviduals behave and get away with it (I’ve seen this on 2 groups recently.)  I’ve seen one exception to the rule other than our two groups. It’s sad when a group or an individual has become bigger than the way of life it’s promoting.

This pretty much sums up what I see in Facebook.

I have just completed week 2 of the dairy free challenge. Personally, it’s been easy for me. No issue at all. Like everything, your most powerful tool you have available is your mind  and the willpower to be able to say no. If  you tell yourself you don’t want to do or try something, you won’t. Why over complicate this?

I knew I could do dairy free and some groups advocate butter and I did explain why in an earlier post. I also took this out of the equation. No cheese, no butter, no cream issue.

I’m not being arrogant. You have to ask yourself how bad do you want something and what are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen and not be afraid to fail. I knew personally my issue would be getting enough fats in my diet but I also had coconut cream and coconut oil as my daily staples.

Could I maintain dairy free? Yes without an issue.

Will I? Maybe. I have a few more challenges in store.

I was never a big cheese eater anyway. I would sacrifice cheese if I had too. It’s a nice feeling not to feel bloated.

In my men’s group I have a guy that I’ve helped with macros (I’ve actually helped a few) and I get to chat to him on a weekly basis. I’m so proud of him and of the guys and girls in our groups in general. We changed his macros, his eating habits and while he has a long journey ahead, he is reaching his goals.. My groups both Keto Men and our I-stayfit (both Facebook and webpage) are what keeps me going regardless of what I’ve seen or read in other groups .. Everyone has a voice. If it benefits keto and helps an individual reach their goals then it’s valid in my opinion.

I want to add his message last night I received by messenger. Update time: lost 6.6 pounds this week and a total of 6.25 inches…including 1 1/2 inches off my chest, 1/2 inch 2″ above my waist and 1 inch off my waist. These measurements are fantastic. The weight loss on the scales for him is a bonus.

I always ask for measurements as we know the scales are not your friend and weight loss is not linear.

This is what it’s all about for me… I really don’t  give a damn about myself. This is what inspires me. Seeing others do well and seeing those behind the scenes that do so much and take time out of their day to help others achieve.. (the unsung heros, especially my mentor.)

Tomorrow is our last training session of the week and then Kauri and I are going away for 3 days.  That’s another reason why I enjoy the training  programme I’ve developed. It give options. We leave after breakfast so around 10 am and arrive around 2 pm. Effectively we have 4 days away.

It’s a luxury that doesn’t happen often due to the kids. You know Grandma and Gaylord . They take up so much time and you can’t give them time out or send them to their rooms.

We’ve booked a self-contained pool villa so we will do some cooking but also go out as well. I really enjoyed doing this last time we have a 3 day break. We had a ball posting different foods, including what we cooked along the way. We have some treats in store. Last time my macros were perfect. If anything I was under on carbs so no issue. It really does pay to plan where you can and not rely on service stations and many of the fast food outlets.

Last time we took away a travel bag with coffee, bone broth, roast chicken, pork rinds, coconut oil, fat bombs, jalepino poppers, water.


Training was back and biceps. I’ve posted the workouts before this week. All reps are 25. Doing 3-4 sets per exercise.

This morning was the usual post workout meal, 2 dairy free waffles, 2 eggs, 150 g bacon and decaf coffee with coconut cream and coconut oil and 1 tbsp of collagen.  Again not doing this for weight loss. Been there done that.

Reminders gone off to do abs I need to find 8 minutes. Even my little powerhouse of a wife did them with me  today… not fits of laughter this time .

I forgot  to mention I was given a gift from Gaylord yesterday and this is such a fantastic gift. Well actually it was regifted.. given to him and he gave to me but nonetheless it means a lot. He gave me a Garmin vivosmart heartrate monitor.. it’s actually cool and something I can use as it has the time as well  and I can operate the iPad with it.. I will take it with me when we go away to see how many steps I do on vacation/heart rate etc.

I’ve washed the car and of course, Gaylord’s either moved the wax and the  tire black or thrown it out. This guys has to go through things and poke his nose where it doesn’t concern him and throw stuff out for Christ sake. Same in the kitchen does the same thing .. arrggghh! (and yet he constantly brings home cutlery, dishes and blankets from God knows where and throws other things out to make room.) I really don’t get his logic. Rather than telling his partner he doesn’t want the stuff. Nooooooo we have to bring it here. Kauri and I end up boxing some of it up and giving it  away to charity every year .

Lunch is roast chicken, duck eggs and salad. I’m going to also have 2 dairy free fat bombs .. just for the fats.

After lunch we spent time packing some food to take chia seeds, cocoa, oil, coconut cream, bacon, eggs, chicken, avocado,  pork crackling, nuts and some green leafy veggies. We are going to a seaside resort so we can buy fresh fish, prawns , calamari and crabs.

I’m sipping  on a bullet style decaf,  with coconut cream, coconut oil, and collagen while writing this.

Dinner was pork belly ( Kauri really does make the best pork belly I ever tasted and the crackling is to die for.) This recipe stays with us. Maybe we will share when the homestay is up and running. Kauri’s call on that one.

While we are away we will still post (love free wifi) and give you guys a guided tour.

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow

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  1. Facebook has been getting pretty crazy lately… I haven’t been on much at all in the last couple days. Just a few check ins.
    I completely hear ya though.
    I hope you guys have a beautiful and relaxing vacation!

    1. Thank you Michelle, It’s been lovely spending time alone with kauri . We don’t get to getaway much so I really appreciate every moment we get together

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