Day 44

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day …I’ve decided to not post today. A rest day.

So, what’s on my mind ?

I’m actually starting to question ketosis for myself. Not all diets work for everyone. And not to mention all the drama that’s been associated with it recently.

Yes I’ve lost weight and leaned down to under 9% body fat but at what cost?

I’ve noticed three things over the past few months since documenting ketosis.

My blood pressure has risen dramatically. Before keto I was averaging 110/75 blood pressure.

At the end of last month my reading was 130/70. I tested 3 times with a 2 minute break between tests. (I know my first test is always higher but not this high.)

My blood glucose which was at 90 in December, 95 in January and last month was at 100. ( My net carbs are under 25. This is way below my 4% requirement. And I don’t cheat. I use no sugar substitutes as powders. I do use stevia drops.

My acetone is now below 2 ppm   It was up to 20 (green with 5 flashes.)

If I’m optimizing my fat burning, the acetone level can be up to 40 from the research I’ve been reading.

I’ve been reading that keto doesn’t work for everyone. Kauri’s started paleo so a higher carb and fruit.  And even her acetone level is 2 times higher than mine.

Mind you, I don’t feel any worse for wear. Workouts are fine, my heart rate is still at 60 bpm. I’m not short of breath or had migraines since Keto. .

I have changed my protein higher but it’s still between 0.6-0.8 g per pound of lean body mass.  I might drop this down as I’ve read research we don’t need as much protein as first thought but I’ve usually been below my requirements on protein.

It will be interesting to see how no dairy this month effects my results.

So that’s it for today.





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