Day 43

Looking forward to training shoulders today after our 3 days of recovery and I really needed it. As you get older you definitely require more recovery time.

I’m starting the think karma has a sense of humor and likes to stir me a bit and see how I react in certain situations.

Today for example, I usually wake up early regardless of when I go to bed this has always been the way with me.

I’m awake around 5:30. We don’t have daylight savings here in Thailand so it’s dark  and as the morning progresses it looks like a cloudy morning.

Kauri wakes up around 6:30 and we have a morning coffee ( Dawn, my coffee is now decaf). I snuggle up to Kauri and I’m just about to doze off and Kauri’s phone rings. It’s grandma at 6:45 am. Kauri needs to come down for a Chinese offering (Chinese are very superstitious.) Again kauri’s mum is Chinese. The offering has to be done 15 days after Chinese New Year. A friend of mine suggested offering grandma.. lol, Even the devil himself wouldn’t take her. She’s more experienced than him and then Lucifer would be out of a job.

Fifteen minutes later Kauri’s back upstairs so crisis averted. Time to hit the weights.

I will make one change to today’s workout.  I’m going to add more  repetitions. Rather than the usual 20 reps we will up each set to 25 reps. More volume and time under tension.

Seated arnold press (4 sets X 25 )

Side lateral raises (4 sets X 25)

Wide upright row (4 sets X 25 )

Face pull (3 sets X 20 ) I actually changed this to seated rear lateral


Front raise (4 sets X 25 )

This was a great workout ..Time to sort breakfast.

I had dairy free waffles, eggs, salami, chia pudding and bullet style coffee.

The chia pudding was added to the middle of the waffles …

Protein: 57

Net carbs: 10

Fat : 108

Calories: 1246

Again this seems like a lot of food but after a 16 hour nightly fast and a workout I’m hungry.

As you know I had to send the Ketonix away it failed and the great news is it’s due back next Tuesday Valentine’s Day (oh I feel the love.) We got a surprise it arrived back today. All I got in the email was it’s been tested and reset. I sent back an email asking what the problem was and could it happen again to date but no response.

We unpacked the post pack and it hadn’t been bubble wrapped: just placed in plastic and the envelope we sent it back in. (Mind you we did bubble wrap it when we sent to Sweden. )

It arrived back with the sensor dislodged. This has been such a regretful purchase .. with the Ketonix USB, the extra tax, the postage to send it back and the only reason for the purchase was for this blog.

I stated before, not only am I an electronics engineer but I also worked as customer support in Australia and for New Zealand  for a massive company plus I dealt with manufacturers all over the world. We changed over products to keep the customer happy if there wasn’t an easy resolve or an issue with parts. And I’m talking dishwashers,ovens, televisions, etc.– expensive products, not a unit that’s worth under $200 RRP.  The lady I dealt with in customer service  was nice though conversation were  by email. I was told the unit would be replaced and it wasn’t. The return policy states its repaired. The manufacturer has the right to repair, replace or refund. Not only that the manuals are wrong and incorrect and need to be amended. It makes the work of customer service twice as much.

Does the Ketonix work  properly? I don’t know. I have to charge it over night and reconfigure once plugged in. Would I buy this again or recommend the Ketonix USB?


In marketing they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well there is. Something as silly as this experience by word of mouth will cost 10 times the price of the unit. I know one person from Ketonix actually reads my blog. It’s really a shame. Such a great idea. And the blue and red ones might have been great. I’ll cut my losses. I hope they fix the issues and hope this doesn’t happen to someone else.  Again this is not the sport model it’s the USB.

I had a Fitbit fail under warranty: it would not hold charge. Customer service was fantastic. I email them the info and they posted a new one out, didn’t want the old one back. I still have the Fitbit and it works fine. And yes, I would purchase another if I needed too.

Lunch today was roast chicken and a side salad, though from the picture it looks the other way I also had a decaf coffee.

Protein: 54

Net carbs: 1

Fat: 77

Calories: 924

Afternoon snack was a basic chia pudding using coconut cream.

Protein: 12.3

fat: 24.7

Net carbs: 3.2

Calories: 294

Dinner was fried fish, green curry with prawns, and macadamia nuts.

Protein: 24.5

Fat: 41.2

Net carbs: 3

Calories: 524






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