Day 42

Today is the last non training day then it’s back to 4 days straight and even though I’ve done my 8 minute abdominal workout this morning today has been laid back by all standards.

It was nice to see so many kind words about Poppy Tom.
So thank you everybody.
He really was a such a great influence in my life.

Some days the time just seems to fly. Emails, posts, blogs, before you know it the days half over. Nigella, I honestly don’t know how you do it. Luckily I have no interest in adding a YouTube channel to the mix, although Kauri is very talented and photogenic.

This morning was simple. Waffles, sausages, eggs and fried cherry tomatoes with jalapeño peppers. And a bullet style coffee–decaf, coconut cream, coconut oil and collagen. I must admit my shoulder seems better since taking this brew.

Protein: 52
Fat: 76
Net carbs: 7.7
Calories: 1207

Date night has been postponed this week as there is nothing on at the movies within our time frame so we’ve decided to go to our local restaurant for lunch. Pork deep fried in five spice, fried fish called rhino fish, green curry with prawns, I shared a beer (Chang) with Kauri. News flash I do not like beer at all !  I was curious to see if I could drink it. Kauri had some fried rice as she will be going paleo.

The meals  at the restaurant have been consistent in flavor and quality. So we will be back again. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy the world go by.
This spot is well known by the locals and just as we start eating we’ve just had a bus full of tourist arrive so I’m not the only foreigner today ..These tour groups are so bloody noisy. You can’t hear yourself think let alone type a blog post. This is usually such a tranquil place. Note to self, arrange to be here in the evening.

We have a vendor today selling local produce. This lady is over 60 years old and paddles across the river to sell her fresh vegetables that are in season to the people at the restaurant everyday.

Lunch was great. I finished the pork ,tried some green curry we had the veggies kauri ate some rice and we both feel satisfied with the meal .

Protein: 41

Net carbs: 2

Fat: 71

Calories: 813
While I eat fairly large meals,  I eat till I’m satisfied. I never overeat and I never feel stuffed or bloated … This is one of the many benefits of keto. The fats make you feel fuller for longer and a great tool for weight loss. Don’t force yourself to eat. I have to add that again. This part of my journey is no longer about weight loss. ( It’s about mainting weight while keeping my body fat below 10%)

It’s almost dinner time and I’m still full. So I’m not going to eat till later if at all. Regardless of maintenance I don’t need to force myself. Eat when you are hungry.

Have a great evening everyone.


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