Day 41 Regardless of your knowledge if you don’t have people skills you should not be an admin

Today I was going to talk about a person who meant the world to me. But that changed due to the events this morning.

I stopped adding posts in keto groups. I mentioned this before but I was mentioned in a post and it gave me an opportunity to pass on a recipe for that person. So that’s was nice of the group .

I actually felt great about this and decided to add a post for the newbies. I really should have taken my own advice.. I’m not going to name and shame so I’ve cropped the posts.

I also added the photo of the coffee.

I thought this is good. It mentions the collagen, real food, decaf and option to go under 100 calories ..

But no I had to get a comment from admin

Seriously, you have all these issues I read every day and you want to take me to point on the wording. Sorry but this comment is rude. It’s to make yourself look the bigger person. You may know more than me but you have no people skills and others have said the same. And I know for a fact this person has a  personal grudge as I post desserts. (again keep it professional.) It’s about keto and options it’s not about you.

I have never complained to a management before but I did in this case. You don’t need to make someone feel inferior for your own self esteem. You are not bigger than the group.

I could have sent a response but it’s not worth my time to play stupid games. The group is about keto not about who is a bigger person. And I won’t be rude in a group that I used to care about. So thank you very much.

I will keep my promise no more contributing to groups. I’ve never seen so much drama even in tech support. There were never issues like these. Maybe because we had the right people for the job. We were always professional and dealt with people all around the world.

If people who read this want to join our group on Facebook

Tomorrow will be back to normal.



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