Day 40

This morning I woke up sore. I certainly did a number on my chest, triceps and biceps with training this week. I’m happy with the workouts so far.

Funnily enough I was lighter today. No I didn’t weigh myself but I’ve been unfriended. No surprise really. The second person I mentioned in yesterday’s post got a wee bit upset but I have to give them credit they didn’t procrastinate and found time to unfriend, unfollow all of my social media. I hope they also use the same intensity to do 8 minutes of abs 3 times a week .. 🙂

We have a crisis.This morning the coffee machine has failed.. Man down. I’m not getting in the way of Kauri’s morning brew. Luckily I am an  electronics engineer and after dismantling the machine, I’ve found the element is faulty. I’m sure I brought one back with me two years ago. I just need to remember where we put it.

Reminder has gone off. I have abs to do. Maybe I need to get upset and unfriend myself …lol. People come and go in your life and if the internet went down, what then? I owe a lot to social media. I met my wife and hopefully the friendships I’ve made along the way  are the real deal. It’s funny how a friendship that’s taken many months can be over in the click of a button. But that’s the society we now live in. Everything comes down to the click of a button.

Breakfast was beetroot waffles, ham and eggs.

Protein: 78

Fats: 77.5

Net carbs: 6

Calories: 1037


Ab workout done, Kauri decided to do them with me today. We ended up cracking each other up with fits of laughter so the workout was a bit harder than usual. Lol

Life’s way to short. Now the running joke between me and Kauri is “Go on, unfriend me. ” Seriously things don’t bother me much and I move on quickly. Maybe its an Aussie thing. In text it may be interpreted wrong. Yes, I see people fail and frustration may be the wrong term. Maybe disappointed would be better suited.

Lunch today will be a chia pudding from our recipe. I also  had a bullet style decaf with collagen, coconut oil and coconut cream. Yes, I know real food. But while we are checking and rechecking recipes at the moment I need a work around.


Protein: 14.2

fat: 79

net carbs: 6.9

calories: 806

Dinner tonight was coconut curry, roast chicken and cauliflower. I also had 20 g of macadamia nuts.

Protein: 53

fats: 72.1

Net carbs: 1.8

Calories: 881




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  1. That’s true, just a click of a button these days.
    Glad you found the humor in all of Hat or at least brushed it off well :))) 5:30 am for me and still no sleep. Uh oh.

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