Day 39

I’m probably not going to win any votes and may lose a friendship along the way with today’s blog , but I need to say what’s on my mind and I fight for a lifestyle I believe in.

It’s frustrating to read when people want help or ask for advice from you and if you give it and then they fight you every step of the way. Even though I am no longer active on a few groups I still read the posts submitted by members.

A friend of mine is a gymaholic. She trains and teaches gym classes every day and evening. She asked me if I would coach her online (something I usually don’t do) but I agreed as long as she followed it to the letter and no arguments and trusted me .If the friendship is compromised I will stop training her. So first things first, I asked her about her diet. She follows a 22/2 daily fast. So fasting 22 hours gives her a two-hour window to consume the calories. (I honestly can’t see her reaching this in such a short time frame.)

We worked out her daily calorie consumption was just on 900 calories. Kauri consumes over 1300 and she 5’2. I advised her, you’re not eating enough calories. Without even looking at her macros she realistically needed double. But still fought me every step of the way, brain washed that eating food would cause her to gain weight and obsessed with scales. I wanted her to change her fasting technique to something more practical like an 16/8 fast. This would give adequate eating window for the amended calorie intake. Again, she fought me and still wanted to add weekly even 21 day fasts. We haven’t even started with a training programme.

I’ve seen this so many times. People have a problem they want your advice  even beg you to help but they don’t really accept the answer as it’s not what they want to hear.

A second friend I gave advice to regarding training a specific body part they weren’t happy with, and when I checked up to see how they were doing with it, no time to do the extra work I gave them.  People that fail will always will find excuses no matter what. We all have obstacles in life but if your serious about reaching your personal goals you have to be prepared to put in the time and make sacrifices and effort. Otherwise you will fail.

At what stage do you stop holding someone’s hand and make them accountable for their actions? If you want something bad enough you have to work at it. I’m more than happy to give people the tools they require or guide them but at the end of the day they still need to use them. It’s not about putting anyone down. Be supportive, never blunt or rude and it’s not about tough love. It’s about those who want help but when you offer, they resist it and more so fight you on it. At some stage you have to take ownership of your diet or your goals you can’t just sit on your laurels and expect the results to magically happen. And if you have trouble or don’t know then find people you trust to help put your pride aside and listen.

And then you get people that follow everyone else. I saw this so often. If one person did something and got results then more followed (like sheep), e.g if they are doing fasting you have to do it.

Do not force yourself to fast specially if you are new to keto. It will come naturally. I saw a few people even do up to 30 day fasts. I honestly think it’s absurd. I would not go over 7 days ever. Do what works for you. I saw a video yesterday mentioning if you fast 1 week every year it will ward off cancer as stated by Dr.Thomas Seyfried.

Fasting does have advantages with insulin resistance, autophangy, etc.

It’s about balance. If you fast for an extended period of time you will lose muscle mass. (Dr. Phinney) While keto is muscle sparing, some argue that muscle mass is not compromised. (Dr. Fung) I personally believe that unless you add some sort of resistance training, fasting of more than a week  will not maintain muscle mass and  certainly can not give you muscle gains. (Sorry Jimmy Moore, I love your posts, but this fact I don’t believe.) Dexa scan or not you can’t build muscle by fasting alone you have to introduce micro tears in the tissue by forms of  resistance training.

The Physiology Of Muscle Growth

After you workout, your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy (growth).

I also believe that both Dr. Fung and Dr. Phinney may both be correct even though both are opposed when it comes to fasting .

Dr. Phinney’s study was on endurance athletes. (I think cyclist from memory.) They would have a low body fat percentage so once the fat stores have been depleted the muscles are used as fuel. Phinney states in as little as 24 hours and from memory, 4 lbs of muscle a day. “Don’t quote me on it.” I think more realistically it would around 7 days depending on the individuals body fat percentage and energy expenditure and maybe a pound a day.

Likewise with Dr Fung, ( Jimmy Moore worked with him) Jimmy Moore was overweight at the time and also had fat around the organs (he mentioned this when referring to loss of muscle around the body) so he would have had excess fat for the body to tap into before muscle mass was ever compromised.

When all the body fat stores in the body have been completely depleted then at that point the body starts to rely on muscle tissue and organ tissues to sustain itself.

The more I think about it, I may do one fast only. I had planned to do one every three months. I’ll do one at the end of March and see what the results are. OK, a slight detour from what I was talking about but I was on a roll … and I think this is important.

So for those of us who offer to help do we just say no?  And then we feel bad for not helping.

I saw a video on YouTube yesterday on Arnold Schwarzenegger I want to add it here please take the time to watch it it’s only 4 minutes ..

Did you know Anold was a millionaire even before his bodybuilding career took off ? I’m not about money but he had goals and vision and worked his butt off to reach those goals .. I think this applies to keto on so many levels.

I think when it came to keto I have done all 6 rules and that’s what gave me the success and we are  currently doing number 6 now. I had never seen this video until yesterday but I can certainly relate to it.

We had the naysayers. When I asked people to join I had people say aren’t you over committing yourself? I’m committed to a way of life that has worked for me and others. Yes, I have two groups both independent and while both promoting keto add value to the keto community.

As my friends know, I’m stubborn (I’m a Scorpio after all) I’m passionate and focused. Pig headed, but underneath the 6’3 frame I have a huge heart. I’m not afraid to fail. I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong and learn from my mistakes. I never want to look back and say what if or regret not trying. I hope, if anything, my journey or posts inspire one person to do better. We only have one life, no retakes… For those that follow the blog, I thank you with all my heart and I will continue to focus and push to promote this way of life .

The other day 2 guys in my group PM me and called me a legend. Believe me I’m no legend, far from it. I’m just one person with a passion and a vision. The real heros are people like Michelle Rock, Keto Kop  these guys give tirelessly and also my lovely wife Kauri who makes the recipes. We create to allow me to write this blog. I never wrote anything in my life but this blog is Dedicated to my grandfather ” Poppy Tom” and my strength and wonderful wife Kauri.

Today is my last workout for the week; Chest and triceps

Flat bench press

Tricep kick backs

Incline press

Skull crushers

Decline fly

Reverse tricep push down

Light weight around a 1/3 of what you would typically use for 8 repetitions for 20 reps. Another great workout I had added is pullovers but I worked this hard enough. Exhausted but I am  happy with the routine I have designed.

Breakfast was keto waffles with a bullet style coffee with collagen added.


Protein: 51

Fats: 73

Net carbs: 8

Calories: 807

Lunch was pork belly and broccolini.. I’ve broken my rule of only veggies during dinner. Lol


Protein: 31.5

Fats: 57.2

Net carbs: 2.6

Calories: 662

Afternoon snack was a decaf with coconut oil, coconut cream and some collagen.

Protein: 8.6

Fats: 21.6

Carbs: 5

Calories: 226

For those that want to stay under 100 calories if you remove the coconut oil, you drop down to 70 calories.

Dinner was roast chicken bok choi and green curry.

Protein: 42

Fats: 33

Net carbs: .5

Calories: 490

For the day I was around 300 calories short. However I’m full and satisfied.









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  1. Poppy Tom would be so proud of you and all you are doing. You are seriously such a giver big person to be writing this blog, having your groups, and just sharing your wealth of knowledge. Say it like it is, just as you did. People need to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Btw I loved the Arnold video. Mad respect for that guy. He’s my govenator lol

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