Day 38

Running a bit late today it’s already 11 am!  Have not started writing yet as  today’s workout took a lot of of me.

You would think Grandma would be happy after going out yesterday but in reality, the next day she is feral.. I just don’t get it. She has nothing to worry about, be waited on hand and foot and all grandma does is complain.Kauri and I are outside training and we can still hear her yelling at the maid ? I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again I think Kauri was adopted. Thank God she is the complete opposite of her mum.

I ended up switching the last 2 workouts around .The reason being it gives my shoulders an extra days rest , so today it was back and biceps. I want to gain 1/2 inch on my arms by the end of the month. It’s a big ask but it is achievable.

Straight bar curls ( using Olympic bar)

1 arm  dumbel rows

Zottman curls

Chin ups

Preacher curls

Pull downs

Wrist curls

Unfortunately today’s workout was 1 1/2 hours. My arms feel weak and the burn you get in your forearms from doing wrist curls is insane .

What was cool we had a squirrel come over and check us out during  the workout this morning. The squirrels are a pest but this guy showed no fear of us  I respect that. So we have Rocky. All we need is moose.

Breakfast this morning  was waffles, sausages, eggs, and cherry tomatoes with jalapeños  washed down witha bullet style decaf.( coconut oil, and coconut cream)

Protein: 52

Fat: 122

Net carbs: 6.5

Calories: 1349

I wanted to rewatch  a YouTube video with regards to IF fasting by Jimmy Moore. As something he said doesn’t add up I will address this in the next few days as I want to get my facts right first. As a speaker I think he’s fantastic. I do like what Dr phinney has stay but he is so boring  as a lecturer.

I just found out Kauri has to take grandma out for another appointment. At least this time it’s the local hospital.

My nose is driving me crazy today . Looks like I’m going to get a cold: my nose gets little blisters before hand so that’s going to suck. Luckily,Tuesday is our  last training session of the week  then 3 days off the weights . Now My phones just gone off a Reminder to do abs … I’ll do the app again that I posted. I actually enjoy it and think it’s a great app. So 8 minutes later and  it’s done and I’m done.

I’ll wait and have a late lunch with Kauri when she gets back from driving Miss Daisy.

So much for being a quick trip. It’s already 2:55 pm and like magic… bazinga .. 3:10 and she’s back.

Kauri’s made one more batch of her Valentines chocolates this morning. We even thought of another way to improve it so I’m looking forward to trying this ..  Hopefully we will  both be 100% happy with the results .I love how well we work together. Don’t get me wrong, like every couple we have disagreements .. and we also have Bad Momma in the mix …and Gaylord .

Lunch/ afternoon snack

Salami, green olives and 2 fats bombs .. (the fat bombs were from morning tea but I’ve added them into the macro count )

Protein: 22.4

Fat: 51.6

Net carbs: 7.5

Calories: 582

Added to the afternoon snack was a decaf coffee adding collagen, one tablespoon of coconoil, and coconut cream.

Protein: 10.7

Fats: 41

Net carbs: 1.6

Calories: 412

I just didn’t feel it today. I was happy with the workouts and the dairy free challenge, even the meals but I couldn’t get into writing the blog.

Dinner tonight was roast chicken, broccolini and some sour curry.

Protein: 54

Fats: 30

Net carbs: 1

Calories: 510

Around 60 calories short of my day ..

That concludes my first week of dairy free. It’s also been a week since I sent the ketonix back. I really hope it’s sorted soon.















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