Day 37 Home Alone

Today’s going to be interesting. I’ve been left home alone and there’s no Kauri to keep me in line.. lol

Grandma’s off to the hospital for one of her many  non-required check ups . We have a hospital down the road, but No, it can’t be at the  huge local government hospital 10 minutes away. It has to be a 2-hour round trip out to the boonies as Kauri calls it. (Better take some keto snacks baby.)

Grandma has to be early so Kauri will leave before 7:30. If she’s even a minute late getting ready grandma will ring Kauri’s mobile.  Talk about anal.While she is out she has to visit all the relatives, yet will fall asleep  an hour into being there, be fed and be waited on hand and foot so this will be another day wasted.

I’ve usually able to read people really well. I guarantee she will be back no earlier than 3 pm but no latter than 3:30 so the maid can cook her dinner while she sits on the rocker watching TV. We can’t have grandma inconvenienced..Lets see how close I am.

With grandma, Kauri and the maid gone for most of the day I’m home alone. Grandma does not  trust the maid, so brings her along and gets her to clean the uncle’s house. Talk about getting your pound of flesh. Usually Gaylord would be home on a Sunday but he’s on a holiday overseas.

When we go away it’s for no longer than 2-3 days. Even 2 hours into the trip down south grandma has to ring to check up and she can’t even hear properly .. I’m turning off the phone next trip.

When we are here she doesn’t bother to ask anything about us. As soon as we are on a road trip the phone rings 2 hours in, even if you tell her you’ll ring once you arrive. We went away last year for 3 days to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.Two hours in a phone call and every day she rang to check on the weather..  Even as we were leaving the resort the phone rings have u left yet? .. It’s not that she cares. It’s a control issue.

So time to have some fun…

7:30 am

Workout time

Legs have now been moved to Sunday (2nd workout) so I no longer hate Mondays Mr Bob Geldof, well not as much ..

“Leg extension, 4 sets X 20 reps) and hold the last rep for 5-10 seconds on each second

“Lying leg curl  4 sets x 20

“Standing calf raise (4sets X 20)

“Box squat (4 sets x 20 )

“Seated calf raise (4 x 20)

Don’t forget to  use the same weight for that particular exercise we are not increasing the weight.Pick a weight that allows you to get 20 reps on the first set as each additional set will get harder. If you want to add more intensity shorten the rest period instead of say 2 minutes drop it to 60 seconds this will get your heart pumping.

It was intense, almost 1 1/2 hours and my legs are like jelly.

There were times when I wanted to stop especially doing box squats. I easily could have called it a day at 3 sets. Your legs are like jelly, thighs burning. You’re fighting yourself and almost out of breath. It’s a mental game. You against yourself, just like a diet.

But the effort I put in today will pay off tomorrow.

What motivates you everyday?

I’ve covered this in a past blog  but recently I’ve made a few new friends in the fitness groups. I use some in the over 40s to inspire me .

One guy is around my age and going to compete in a show in a few months and looks great. While I’ll never compete ( no way am I walking on stage in my jocks, knowing my luck there will be a wardrobe malfunction.) He is my motivation. I know how he trains and pushes himself. We have a very similar mindset and style of training, so if I short myself by one less set he’s already ahead of the game.. Realistically, I know my limitions as I’ve never taken growth stimulants ever, nor have I been tempted. I want to reach my maximum potential, be the best I can be in mind, body and spirit. Plus a bit of friendly rivalry doesn’t hurt at all. I even sent him a message just to say hi…lol

I try to give everything a 100%. If I fail I have no one else to blame and if I’ve truely done the best I can then I’m happy. We all have limitations. But you also have t be realistic. At 6’3  and near 100 kg I’ll never be a jockey or a ballerina. Be proud of who you are be the best you can be. Use your skills to motivate others.

This also applies to keto. Use others to inspire. It’s not about numbers on the scales. It’s more about perseverance, learning and adapting ways to get you to your targets. And don’t ever compare your weight loss journey to others. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I saw a great meme today and wanted to add it here.


Time to cook breakfast.

I’ve devised a new method cooking today “cooking by numbers”  lol

5 jalepinos, 4 pieces of leg ham, 3 eggs, 2 pancakes and 1 bullet coffee.

Protein: 84

Net carbs:1

Fats: 143

Calories: 1614.

I’m off to a great start. I’m over half my fats for the day. This is usually the area I struggle with since dairy free .. I didn’t force my self to eat and I felt satisfied and no bloating feeling.

The week has certainly  has had its ups and downs, but it still has its rewards. Having smaller groups is more personal. I get to talk to a few people and hopefully help or inspire where we can. Seeing and hearing about  people doing well is a reward in itself. I’m always happy for people to pm me.  I was talking last night to a guy in my men’s group, a really lovely guy. We discussed so many topics He thanked me. The thing is yes I might motivate but he did all the work. You guys are my heroes.

I often post people doing amazing things on my Facebook page. I see people with disabilities (I hate this word) overcome obstacles that most would just give up; people without limbs in the gym training. These guys are my heroes and that’s my inspiration. I can’t justify sitting on my ass doing nothing. And I did at one stage.  I got complacent, got way over weight as I’ve blogged .. Again use those inspire and motivate you to reach your goals. And believe in yourself.

Lunch today

I wanted to try the bone broth protein powder as a shake. One scoop added  to coconut cream, diluted with water, added coconut oil, and blended it. .as a stand alone shake, it’s certainly not the best tasting. It obviously doesn’t have the milk whey so it’s not that creamy texture. Also when you blend, even though it’s vanilla, the slight tan colour messes with your mind. In hot drinks it’s fine and works well in cooking. But making a shake you would need to add cocoa or make it a mocha to work .. Will try a few more ideas with this powder. For me was more so for my month of dairy free.

So lunch was the shake and 20 g of macadamia nuts.

Protein: 23.8

Net carbs: 2.1

Fats: 57.3

Calories: 622

News flash ……..

I was so close the official time was 2:58 … lol. Did I tell you or did I tell you … and Kauri always reads my blog before we post them to verify what I say is true. Its uncanny …

So now my wife’s back. I’ll get out of the Hugh Hefner smoking jacket , remove the smoking pipe, put some pants on and resume a somewhat normal life (just kidding, my life’s not normal ) 🙂

So funny now Kauri’s telling me about her mum…Kauris aunt is brilliant great cook and can make the most beautiful clothes.

So at lunch grandma said to the aunt don’t serve this kind of tofu (Firstly, how rude! It’s not your house. Be thankful for what you get. ) It’s not good to use  but it still didn’t stop her eating the last piece … This is typical grandma and due to culture people put up with her BS and she gets away with it.

I still want to write a book just about how mean and spiteful this woman is but it would be an encyclopaedia 30 volumes long.

We made our first bullet style decaf using collagen, coconut oil and  coconut cream. Tasted nice and looked good. I forgot to add cinnamon on top.


Protein: 8.6

Net carbs: 0.5

Fat: 21.6

Calories : 226

Dinner tonight was poached chicken on a bed of greens and coconut lime broth.

Protein: 32

Net carbs: 0.9

Fat: 3:6

I was 34 calories under for the day.  This is because my net carbs were very low (7 g).

Great day, great workout … Have a lovely evening. Once grandma’s ready for bed I can then spend some time with Kauri and watch a movie.. Maybe Throw Momma from the Train …








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