Day 36

It’s funny how people assume without knowing the facts .. This has happened twice in the past few days. I was taught never assume–it makes an ass out of you and me.

Do you eat meat?

Funny question. For those that actually take the time to read my blogs and see so many photos of meat, yes I do. How else do I get 150 grams of protein each day? Each meal is around 120-150 grams of meat.

You don’t seem to eat many greens?

Our curries have two types of eggplants. Every evening I have either  bok choi, or broccoli. It’s usually in a seperate bowl. I’m not a fan of lettuce but my evening meal is full of green leafy vegetables.

Our aim is to give people ideas outside the norm or mundane. I was messaged by a friend today and during the conversation I came up with a great acronym DIPs ( Dumbass Ignorant People) lol. Please feel free to use it.

Today is a new day and I’m actually making some changes to reach my new long term goal in November. It’s actually workout based.So not really keto but fitness plays a huge part of my life and well-being. The holy  trinity fitness, keto and cooking.

As most know, I train 3 days a week. Workouts are upper body, legs, and rest of upper body. I’ve trained many ways over the years. Im going to add one extra day to my workouts.

This allows me to target muscles more directly, but also gives the added bonus to get away with my wife for a few days ..

Starting today (my first workout of the week)  I will train like this:

Saturday: shoulders, triceps, abs

Sunday: legs, calves

monday: chest, triceps

tuesday: back and biceps

I will still be doing 20 + reps x 4 sets on each exercise.


“Seated arnold press (4 sets X 20 )”

“Side lateral raises (4 sets X 20)”

“Wide upright row (4 sets X 20 )”

“Face pull (4 sets X 20 )”

I’m still shaking–that was a great workout.   I felt like I did something today. ( I’m just reviewing the blog before it post some 10 hours later and I’m still sore.)


Breakfast was bacon ( around 180 g.) Look! A photo with meat! Pumpkin pancakes with home made almond butter and a bullet style coffee. The carbs were a little higher than I wanted and fats a little lower. The avocado wasn’t ripe enough to use today.

Protein: 53.8

Net carbs: 8.8

Fat: 76

Calories: 958

This morning I was surfing the information highway as well as responding to Facebook and Instagram. But the highlight of my morning was talking to two ladies that I knew from previous keto  groups. It was so cool to see photos, listen to their journeys and goals. It was like talking to old friends you haven’t seen for a while yet in reality I’ve never met either lady. I’ve chatted with some fantastic like mind people and on the opposite side of the coin very interesting and perculiar ones as well. I love to immerse myself in culture and  I am genuinely interested as everyone has a story to tell.

I got asked today have I personally noticed any difference  going on the dairy free diet.

Physically no, although it’s early days. I wasn’t a huge dairy eater as far as cheese, and thickened cream go. I have noticed it is harder to keep up the fats without the dairy, even increasing the coconut oil, I still have to supplement in the form of BPC or fat bombs. Again this is for maintanence not for  weight loss.

Mental clarity is good. I’m as mental as always My mouth taste very sweet I so wish the Ketonix was back. I would love to measure my acetone levels to compare .. I think it would be higher.

Well that’s my morning, although I did sneak in an 8 minute ab workout in between writing and reading OMG.. news flash, men can actually multitask! (I’ve let the cat out of the bag.)

Lunch was Thai omelette with crab meat.

Protein: 38.3

Fats: 56.5

Calories :652

The best way to make the omelette light and fluffy is to firstly use an oil with a high smoke point. We use coconut oil,  around 2-3 tablespoons. Heat the oil till it is  just starting to smoke and then add the omelette mixture. It will puff up as soon as it hits the oil also the added bonus of increasing your fats.

Unfortunately I have to test the Valentines chocolates again before we post the recipe. (Oh me ,oh my!) But someone need to do, right?

They were good. Kauri wants to make one more batch before posting.  OK, if you have to, I’ll test them ..


Dinner was… wait for it .. meat  and greens OMG!

I had 220 g of cooked pork belly, spinach and green curry (including eggplants, basil, pea eggplants, finger roots , herbs and chilli.)

Protein: 37.1

Net cars: 3.5

Fats: 76.4

Calories: 857

I was very close to today’s target. Again carbs down around 15g net, fats slightly over but that balanced out with the protein. I was 31 calories under budget. I can live with that.


A very good day indeed.








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