Day 34

So, boy did I stuff up yesterday. I was advised  by an admin in a group the best way to recruit  members is to private message people as I can’t advertise my groups on other keto sites and I don’t like just adding people without their knowledge. So anyone that commented on our photos I sent a message inviting them.
Well, I got a wrap over the knuckles for it as someone reported me. I should have read the posts as every group is different but..
These people are all quick to ask for recipes but then report me because I ask them to join a group to promote the recipes they want and it’s for free. I’m not selling them anything. FUCK !!! I was trying to help them out.
So I’m sick of all the s*** it’s caused this morning. And for those people who think they can just get on our website to get our recipes, you’re going to be in for a real surprise…

Just want to say a big thanks to my Facebook peeps and members of our groups.
Thanks for restoring my faith people. Thank you for the PM messages.
You guys rock!!

This morning is the first of my rest days. After posting and responding to messages on Facebook, it’s breakfast.

Sausages, an egg and about 150 g of bacon. I also had decaf coffee with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (it actually tasted better than the coconut cream and butter from yesterday.)

Protein: 54

Net carbs: 2.2

Fats: 76

Calories: 911

It’s date night  with Kauri, so we’re off to the movies. We’ve packed the staples salami chips, macadamia nuts and a hot cocoa drink with bone broth protein and coconut oil, (this actually tasted great.) Again, I’m in maintenance. So nice not to crave popcorn and coke anymore. Just as well we packed munchies, it was a long movie .  Kauri picked the movie Split as this was the only new movie showing today. By  the time you have promos, ads, etc and finally the movie, it was just over 2 hours long.

Then out for dinner under the bridge.

Tonight we ordered deep fried pork fired in five-spice, green curry with prawns, stir fried Chinese broccoli, water for me and beer for kauri.

It’s good that this restaurant has returned back to a high standard. The view of the river is fantastic and it’s a great place to return to even just for a cold drink.


Have a great evening everyone.




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