Day 33

A new month and a new challenge.

So why dairy free?

Excluding dairy from your diet can be an effective way to speed up your weight loss and help reversing type 2 diabetes. Dairy products contain not only milk sugar (lactose), but also milk protein (casein), which stimulates insulin secretion more than other types of protein. This is why milk is great for a growing baby, but not that great for an adult who wants to lose weight.

A lot of people who limit dairy will still enjoy real butter even though it’s made from milk  but it contains only trace amounts of milk protein and sugar. Alternatively, use coconut or olive oil. But as this challenge will be a walk in the park I’ve even given up butter HA!

Game on!✌🏻

First things first, it’s my last workout for the week.🏋🏻

Seated front press ( shoulders front deltoid)

Weighted pull-ups (back)

Skull crushers using Olympic bar (triceps)

Lateral raise (medial delt, shoulders)

Bent over rows using 45 degree incline (back)

Rope tri extension(triceps)

Again using 20 reps 3-4 sets per exercise.

I have decided to change maintenance slightly for dairy free. The Fat target is very high as I reduced my protein. This has been explained previously so this month will be more what’s recommended by diet app buddy. The only change is net carbs. I want to be more strict so my total carbs will be around 20 g no more.

Totals meals are more so a trail with some new recipes and just seeing where I need to get certain nutrients. As I’m doing maintenance I am looking at reaching the targets for proteins, fats,and carbs. Most people will be fine falling slightly short of their requirements.



Breakfast will be the following :

Dairy free waffles. These are the best tasting waffles by far. Kauri gets more and more creative by the day. Not to mention the added bonus of bacon..mmmmm.. bacon! I also had a bullet style coffee but I’ve now made two changes to this. I’ve switched to decaf  (sorry, Brawler) and I’ve added coconut cream and coconut oil  (so removed the butter and added cream)  just to get the fats up. Yet when you look at the fat for this meal it’s quite low compared to when I added dairy. The fats are almost half.


Protein:  65

Net carbs: 8.2

fat: 57.7

calories: 828

Kauri also plated up some avocado.  This girl has skills. We sprinkled some sea salt. (I know Nigella I should have done the pepper, head in hands ) but this was so tasty and surprisingly I don’t usually like avocado raw. This was delicious.

It’s been an interesting morning. I was helping a young guy in my group KETO MEN with macros, lovely guy and from India. That’s the one thing I love about Facebook, the diversity and talking with people you otherwise would never get to meet.

It’s funny with food posts. Everyone wants the recipes, some sites won’t allow you to post a link to your page, which is fine, no issue. So for those who have accepted my invite, thank you. It’s a great platform for what we do and makes it all worthwhile. So I’ll post it here for those who aren’t members.

Lunch and afternoon snack were more so nibblies as we’ve been making up for yesterday’s internet and trying to recruit new members along the way.

During this period I had fresh pork crackling, a bullet decaf with 2 tablespoons of oil and some dairy free fat bombs. Again this is not recommended. Today is looking at options ..

Protein: 21.9

Net carbs: 2

Fats: 94

Calories: 912


Dinner was fresh pork belly (300g) with some greens. I also had a drink of bone broth protein mixed with water and coconut oil. I bet your mouth is watering 🤤 The bone broth while sounding gross was actually OK.

I could have easily made it into a shake or chia pudding 😊

Protein: 68.8

Net carbs: 2

Fats: 91

Calories : 1099

So my targets were reached. Not the ideal way but my first day is usually testing the waters.

Protein won’t be an issue. Fats I was a little worried out but I can work around now I’ve dropped the level slightly. Carbs came under 20 total carbs, net was actually 11.5. I want to be strict on carbs and will use total carbs as a reference rather than the freedom net carbs give.

It’s going to be interesting new recipes and see how my progress goes along the way. Again if you’re not a member of our Facebook group please request to be added. That way you will be notified when new recipes are posted and blogs done.

Have a great night. 🌜






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  1. Edible ART. Hahaha you know I would ruin that clean presentation with chunks of pepper all over the place. I am so happy you’re going to do dairy free for a month. I need to try those waffles!

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